Thursday, October 28, 2010


My Buffy season 8, episode 37 arrived, so i'm gonna be in good company tonight.
Now, if only i could make it last longer than 10 minutes...

Revisiting old foes, it would seem...

If you're a Buffy nerd, you have to get into this.


  1. Ooohh, The Master.

    Is that a book? I was totally, and I mean utterly and completely hooked on the tv-series. Must have seen each episode about a million times, but I never started with the books. Are they good?

  2. Tak Helle!

    Katta Kvack, actually, season 8 are a series of comics that takes over where season 7 ended.
    Most issues are written by original writers from the show, including Joss and all are Whedon approved!
    they're amazing and i highly recommend reading them if you liked the show.
    There are many other comics, and books too, about the Buffyverse out there, but these are the only ones that are part of the original story.
    You can buy them in books of 5 issues each, i usually get them from, but i'm sure your local comicbook store has them too.

  3. Oh that's great! Thank you so much. I shall go on a Buffy hunt tomorrow. Yay! I'm watching season 1, again, for what must be the 20th time, so some fresh stories would be great.

  4. Ah, i gotta start over soon too, i think. It just never gets old!