Friday, October 15, 2010


My mind is completely blank today.
For this reason i haven't really been able to get much work done.
I even closed the shop and took a nap and one point.
I was up early for a doctors appointment and i had to be at least partially awake for that, but since then my day has been a blur.
So all the things i wanted to blog about today (my week in general, the progress on the shop kitchen and the sale of our old apartment, this super interesting 9/11 lecture we attended on Wednesday, the little art project i finally finished and... just stuff) will have to wait until i can form a proper sentence again.

All i wanna do right now is kill time looking at apartments i can't afford until Allan gets home, so we can eat some food and watch a couple of episodes of something that requires little to no attention and effort.

Nap time at the office (Lucifer is down there too somewhere)

The only barely creative thing i did today, after finishing my art project, was add a bird to an older head band
Putting birds on things makes them nicer, and that's a fact!
Here's a pictures of Lucifer from the other day, engaging in one of his favorite activities: tearing into some cardboard wrapping


  1. feel better! I send hugs via the interwebz! x

  2. Thanks! I feel ok, though, my brain is just feeling like a squid's... only less smart.