Wednesday, August 4, 2010

On a deserted island, part three

The last post from Fedet this time around, but i'm sure well be going on more of these expeditions next summer, if not sooner.

My dad was playing at a festival all weekend, so Allan was captain for a day (my mom looks gorgeous and color coordinated as always)
Lucifer caught a whiff of something good
We couldn't just go pick up what we came for,
no, we had to search for more
Rubber boots and a bag of bones
The water was too murky and cold to swim in that day
Our stinky new hobby
Seriously, it smelled so bad

I remember going to Bisserup as a kid and seeing my late grandfathers bird skull collection.
I loved those skulls, the swans and ducks in particular.
I don't remember him at all, as he died when i was only about a year old, but my parents told me that he'd often hang out over in the old barn, boiling skulls and stinking up everything.
I'm sure my grandmother loved that.
I don't exactly know what happened to his amazing skull collection, but the theory is that my dad's estranged, and now late, brother had it, so i'm sure it's not even in the family anymore.
It's too bad, i for one would have appreciated it, and i think my grandfather would have liked that.

Anyway, now we are working on our own, and although we're beginners, and piecing together small animal bones is a lot harder than it seems, i'm sure we'll end up with a nice, little collection some day.
The lovely bones are now in the storage room in the shop, drying, and i'll get some pictures of them, particularly the skull we went back to retrieve on this day, soon.

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  1. My friend Chanda works at a zoo (er, I think at a vet clinic now actually, but she was at the zoo previously) and I was having her save owl pellets for me so I could put the little bones inside together. I need to grab those actually, good reminder! I remember doing it in grade school though and you're right, it's not easy putting them back together.