Sunday, August 8, 2010

Holiday randoms

Today is Sunday, and since i had a busy day yesterday, went to a wedding and to the shop, i am gonna give myself the day off from transferring pictures, editing pictures and witing about what's in pictures i'm posting.
How is this even possible, you may ask, since this post has a bunch of pictures, by the looks of it?
Well, i uploaded them the other day and forgot all about them, that's how.
I think i'm gonna do that more often, it's the perfect solution for a rainy Sunday.

My grandfather at the breakfast table
Allan shot this one of Lucifer
Me and Lucifer, resting on a surprisingly comfortable outdoor bench
Lucifer got a visit from cousin Karla, and for once they got along just fine
Project of the week was this; a towel rack outside me and Allans door
I wanted to put up a clothing line, but my mom suggested we build this instead, so me, dad and Allan got to work and made this!
Something is flying around in the breakfast nook...
Ah, it's one of the swallows who have been nesting there, despite my parents best efforts to make them do so elsewhere
Now that the little family have gotten too big to sleep in the nest, they sleep on this wire next to it

Damn, this just made me wish i was on vacation again!


  1. that house is just adorable and the baby swallows make it even more so!

  2. I love that house!:) It's so cart-postal-ish:p

  3. Your grandfather is the cutest! I wish I had one of my own... I think I must have a thing for precious old men. Weird. I also love the idea of an outdoor breakfast nook area, birds included

  4. Your grandpa is freaking adorable! And so is your blog, I love it!