Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Down by the water

Copenhagen has been experiencing some seriously shitty weather lately.
Saturday was the worst, but it hasn't exactly been a picnic since then.
It's as if the weather thinks that prematurely stealing summer from us just isn't enough, it wants to really rub it in.
It's ok, weather, we get it, summer is most definitely over.

This road isn't usually a river
(Picture from tv2.dk)

Poor little taxi
(Picture from tv2.dk)

Today by the lakes, after the rain had finally stopped
The windy weather made the lake look like a little wanna-be ocean
I was listening to this while i walked the dog

While we're on the subject of flooding, i'm sure you're all aware, that what i am writing about here, is absolutely nothing compared to what's going on in Pakistan at the moment.
In fact, just thinking about the situation there makes me feel all petty and spoiled for bitching about the crappy Danish summer.
I donated some money to Danish Red Cross, but i'm sure there are many different organizations that would be more than happy to pass along your money to the people who need it, so if you have a few Dollars, Kroner, Yen, Pounds, or whatever to spare, they could sure use it.

Ok, back to our regularly scheduled programming: i finished two hats today, as well as the open/closed sign for the shop. You know, the one i have been working on for months.
Lots of glorious pictures tomorrow!


  1. Fantastisk album, jeg eeeeelsker det.

    Jeg har også doneret til Røde Kors i dag, det er fandeme trist.

  2. Nej hvor mystisk, jeg har lige taget præcis det samme billede idag, af den lille bro over den brune flod. Jeg kom til at tænke på Bridge Over Troubled Water, så den fik jeg klæbet på hjernen resten af dagen.

  3. Man, I had no idea about the flooding in your area or Pakistan... I rarely check the news or anything but I'm glad you guys are safe. I'm hoping your shop hasn't experienced too much damage.

    Definitely must see the Open/Close sign - i love the bits of home-ly-ness that you add to the shop!

  4. All of these photos are great :)

  5. Anne, SÅ godt!

    Classic Copenhagen, haha, det var satans, men det var også et fint lille motiv, så det er ikke underligt vi begge fald for det!

    Vanessa, thanks, i'll have pictures of the sign up tomorrow.
    And the shop is safe, not flood in there.

    Brendan, Thanks!!