Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back in the west wing

Coming back to work yesterday was completely crazy.
And busy.
And awesome.
My mom drove us home in the morning, so we could make it back in time to open at 12.
Going straight from the summerhouse to the shop was a probably not the best idea, but we were excited to be back, especially since Nick was working too, making yesterday the first time we've all been at work in the new shop, at the same time.

We all stayed super late, eating burgers in the kitchen and just having the best time ever.
I love the new sh... ok, i'll shut up now.
(But i do).

Anyway, something happened yesterday.
Something other than the hundreds of awesome things that usually happens during the day, i mean.
I went to check the mailbox, and for once i found something besides boring, old bills (those were there too, of course): a big letter to me from Corey!
Not just any letter, but a Trek letter.
Oh, yes.

See, Corey went to a geek convention and got me these
A TNG group photo and... a personalized, signed picture of Armin Shimerman in full Ferengi gear! What up!
I love adding to my red office wall, so besides the Trek photos i finally framed my favorite postcard, a painting from Allan and, wait, what's in that blue frame?
...it's Zorgon!
Align CenterAnd finally: reunited!


  1. its so lovely that you have a proper kitchen and table :)

    Can't wait to see the new shop next time I'm over! (emailed you about that actually!)

  2. Did the pin make it as well?

  3. samboy, it's the best!

    Hella J, nemlig!

    Corey, yes, it did!!