Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What (not?) to wear

I almost never wear just black.
I like colors and whenever i try to tone my look down a bit and blend in, my husband encourages me to wear something crazier.
So in a city were black and grays are always in fashion, and nude is considered a color, i often stand out like a christmas tree in a pine forest.
But i try to get more black in there.
Sometimes i succeed and sometimes i don't.

This day i wore a black h&m dress, which i love but often forget i own, because it's, well, black!
These weren't part of the outfit until late at night when it got colder... they're biking socks!
Another day, another temperature and another outfit
This pretty ring was a gift from my friend Hunter (i tried to get a picture from the side, because i actually made a sloppy braid, but it obviously didn't work)
I bought this silly, faux fur vest in Japan, but this is actually the first time i've ever worn it (it went well with the 70's jeans i was wearing)
Here's the white trash ensemble i tweeted about the other day; the top is actually a vest, so to wear it on its own, i had to temporarily close the front by hand sewing it (exposing my back is one thing, but you'll NEVER see my belly in public unless i'm going for a swim!)
It just wouldn't have worked with ass antlers...
My mom made this ring for me ages ago, and it was supposed to have some gem stones on it, but right now i'm loving it as it is

Todays outfit consisted of what has become my go-to summer basic; the denim shorts i found in the basement, and Allan's new Cancer Bats t-shirt that was a little too snug on him, but fits me pretty well, especially since i cut off the sleeves.

I feel so comfortable in this, i feel like i could wear variations of this outfit every day, for as long as the weather allows it

It's funny, all winter i've been dreaming about the freedom of summer and not wearing layers, but now that the summer is here, i can't remember what it was i wanted to wear?
I'm afraid my wardrobe just isn't very summer appropriate, but i'm too busy/lazy (yes, those two can easily be combined) to go shopping.
Maybe i'll do that thing where i click the "wardrobe" label and just find something that worked for me last summer!


  1. Dang, you're cute! And I'm pretty sure I need those grey shoes. LOVE.

  2. I love them all, especially the white trash ensemble which I was looking forward to seeing! Thanks for sharing! I haven't worn shorts in years and we're having a particularly hot summer, so I've been wearing several variations of your Cancer Bats outfit myself. Go jean shorts! Also a basement find for me!

  3. the white trash outfit is my favourite as well as the black dress and cardie one. The wrap makes the white trash outfit though. I miss having shorter hair. Seeing yours half longer/half short makes me want to cut it off again!


  5. My wardrobe isn't summber appropriate either. In winter I always imagine these cute summer outfits but then when it's actually summer and hot outside I rather bum around in shorts and a t-shirts all the time :/

    I love the ring your mom made btw. I think it's great as it is. Without any gems

  6. I love all your oufits, but especially your 'go to' summer basic. I think people always look their best when they're wearing their most comfortable outfit. The socks n dress combo is also a winner x

  7. I love the white-trash outfit! :) x

  8. JLYoungsma, thanks!
    The shoes were a last minute buy in Japan, a damn lucky one too!

    Jessica Pulse, basement shopping high five!

    Alex, it is fun having long AND short hair, but i have no idea what to do when i wanna grow it out!?

    Bluebird Russian, so good!

    Betty, i think i'm gonna keep it like that too, it's pretty awesome as it is.

    Madame G, true, comfortable often equals cute!

    samboy, thanks!

  9. Love it all! You're adorable!

    BTW, are those Jeffrey Campbell heels in the last picture? So cute no matter what!

  10. About Kapten Hanna, they're just random japanese brand, but i do have my eye on a pair of brown Jeffrey Campbells that are so unpractical, but sooo pretty!