Monday, July 19, 2010

That vacation thing

I love backpackers in my city.
In the summer there's a hostel on our street and i love seeing excited, young faces walking up and down the street looking for said hostel.
But as much as i love backpackers, and that's almost as much as i loathe joggers, i don't actually like tourists much*, and a quick trip to Strøget today reminded me why.
Strøget in the summer is like being in a foreign country, but in a bad way.
A crowded space full of rude, absentminded people who like to stare, but don't watch where they're going and certainly have no concept of the local bicycle culture.
I counted four Ed Hardy t-shirts, and two kids and one adult with actual, non-ironic mullets.
One of the mullet-kids was wearing one of the Ed Hardy t-shirts.
Poor kid never stood a chance...
Anyway, we locals don't actually go to Strøget, ever, unless we have business there that can't be taken care of anywhere else in the city, and today we did.
We got out as fast as we could, without killing anyone, accidentally or on purpose.

Yesterday and today we've been redecorating our poor, neglected living room, and even though it looks terribly messy right now, i think it's gonna be awesome.
Well, better anyway.
This evening we even took a spontaneous trip to IKEA to get frames for the house and the shop.
This is how we're spending part one of our vacation; taking care of shit we don't otherwise have time to take care of.
Part two will obviously be spent here.

We got out just in time
The corner sofa is actually in a corner now... more pictures when this all starts to come together

*That includes Danish tourists, by the way.


  1. Helt enig. Var selv på strøget i dag, og kom hurtigt ned af nogle mindre turistede sidegader. De går så langsomt for at suge byen til sig, at jeg får fniller helt ind til benene!


  2. Ja, man får seriøst lyst til at losse dem over skinnebenet og råbe "så vågn dog op!"
    Men så kan vi lære at holde os væk over sommeren!

  3. Ja, alle praktiske gøremål, der indebærer strøget må foregå i bidende kulde og flyverdragt!


  4. Ha. They're probably all from where I live!

  5. oh my its going to be so different!!