Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sleepy head

I seem to always promise to post pictures of something the next day, and then i don't.
In this case the apartment as well as the shop.
Yeah, i noticed too.
It's not because i'm lazy or procrastinating, it's just that other stuff gets in the way.
Multitasking is a bitch.

This morning i was up ridiculously early for a doctors appointment downtown.
The kind where you have to fast and aren't allowed to pee two hours before.
Imagine how much fun riding a bike over cobblestones felt like.
And since i didn't take a nap when i got back, i've been a bit off today.
But we still had a nice breakfast and then we went to the shop.
I did some more hat making, or hat finishing i should say, and tried to scan a bunch of old pictures.
And me and Allan went antiquing, as we so often do when we have time off.

Allan was looking for old books for a craft project, so we got a bunch of those, but i managed to find some nice 5 kr. books for reading as well
I have been collecting Hank Janson books for over a decade now, but my collection hasn't expanded in a long time... i think i actually squealed when i found these, and i already have them both in other editions!
My smutty pride and joy

Ok, that last one almost counts as a livingroom picture doesn't it?

I kinda feel bad not having dedicated a post to my beloved Hank sooner, but i think it's one of those things i've maybe wanted to keep to myself, like it's something sacred almost.
Do you have a secret obsession or collection that you value so much, you don't want anyone to know about it, or is that just me?


  1. Boxes ! Don't tell anyone and you might never have guessed this about me but ... I'm addicted to boxes ! Yep ... It's true ! They're just amazing , you know !? They come in so many different sizes and you can put stuff in them ! I love my box collection !

    However, just by the look of his covers, I can tell I might like this Hank guy !!

  2. Used books are the best! I love the musty smell, and seeing other people's notes in the margins, dog-ears, and discoloured pages.

  3. Nick, you like boxes??
    I am shocked and surprised!

    You would love Hank, if any of these were in English, i'd force you to read them!

    Teagan, agreed, much better than new books.

  4. I love collecting vintage Trixie Belden books! :)

  5. I collect the original paintings used for harlequin romance novel covers! And I've never even read a single romance novel in my life. The art is ridiculous but so amazing. I'm sure people sometimes come into my office at Pulse and think "What the heck is all this?"

  6. Can I ask in a kindly way why you have Upton Sinclair's "The Jungle" - my old now long deceased father read it when it came out and used to remark very positively about it.

    I've long been a kinda fan of H J.

  7. I've heard good things about it and found it cheap, that's all. I haven't read it yet, though.