Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Meet Karla

Yesterday i had the pleasure of meeting my brothers new dog, Karla, for the first time.
They got her pretty much seconds after their beloved Twiggy died, but since i've been out traveling a lot, and they don't live in Copenhagen anymore, i haven't had a chance to meet her until now (not counting Skype).

They just came from the vet where she had a tooth pulled, so she was still a little sleepy, but otherwise in a great mood
Lucifers squeaky toy was a big hit, so i know what i'm getting her the next time i'm in Japan

Speaking of dogs who like the squeaky toy; Lucifer made a new friend!
His name is Arthur and he's a long, brown dachshund puppy.
I don't know what happened, Lucifer hates puppies, but he and Arthur, who is also a shop dog on the street where we work, are getting along great.
I'll see if he'll let me take a picture of him tomorrow.


  1. GAHHHH dogs!! gonna make my head explode from mega cute :) Owning two dogs of my own, I could look at doggy pictures all day and pretty much spend the same amount of time talking about how cute/funny/loving they are.

    Lucifer, Arthur and new shop puppy...cutests dogs in Danmark :) more pictures please!!

  2. We have a dog like that. We call him maxi pad...its my parents dog.

    please help name my banjolele