Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Good news/bad news

The bad news, for those who have been following the latest Copenhagen Bird Chronicles about the family of coots, is that the coot chick in the picture below is now an only child.
It would seem like someone or something, i'm guessing seagull or heron, got to the other one.
Nature is cruel.
But at least it looks like the little survivor here is happy and healthy.

Just look how big he's gotten

And the good news? My tiny oak tree now has four leaves (four!), one on top and three that have actually formed a little branch.

Not so tiny oak
The newest leaf

I'm hoping for six leaves next season.


  1. Det er det jeg hele tiden har sagt, Ege-gon er en fighter!

  2. ELECTRIC PICK, he's a trooper!

    Hella J, yup!

    Bluebird Russian, for these and most pictures, Canon S90.