Sunday, July 4, 2010

Consolation prize

So, Roskilde didn't happen this year.
We were on a guest list, but we couldn't get the wristbands until our band got there, and we had no way to contact them.
So there.
We stayed in the old abandoned town formerly known as Copenhagen instead, and we actually had a really great day.

We took the new bike, me up front and Lucifer in the bag, to the city and did a little shopping
Then we bought some salads and had a picnic in ├śrstedsparken
Lucifers favorite park in the whole world
Eckel and Bri joined us for ice cream and chillin'
After a few hours in the sun, we all walked towards Vesterbro in search of pizza... Lucifer got tired on the way and needed a rest
Sweet boys
I just included this one because he looks so damn smart!
Pizza was found, pictures were taken
You'd think we were full, but we actually got more ice cream after this

Such a nice, hot day in good company.
Roskilde would have been nice, but doing nothing all day, and ending up on the couch watching a movie* isn't too bad either.

*That only two of us stayed awake for...


  1. Lucifer is so cute on the front of the bike! My dog likes to ride on the bike with me, but I have to have a basket for her - I think she wouldn't be as confident as Lucifer with out it.

  2. sure didnt look like that when I was there!! i want to come back!!! wah!