Friday, July 9, 2010


I don't know if it's just the summer, me being busy, or something else, but i have been a little slow with the updates lately.
But i guess with the standard i've set for myself, it can be hard to keep up at times.
Ever since i started this blog, i felt it was important to blog every day, or at least as often as possible, because that's one of the things i myself looked for in a blog.
But lately i just haven't felt like updating daily.
Not to worry, i'm still stoked about blogging and i'm always out there taking stupid pictures and thinking of stuff to tell you, but in the future, i don't think i'm gonna be as hard on myself if i miss a day or two.
It has to keep being fun and not a chore, you know?

Anyway, i have had a crazy awesome day.
We went to the shop around 1 to draw, do some hat making and hang with Eckel who was taking a drawing day too.
I know i say this a lot, but i friggin LOVE the new shop.

Having a workspace at the shop is so motivating, compared to working at home
I'm working on something purple, can you tell?
I almost made a perfect chai latte today (the cup was a late birthday present from Allan)
The drawing table
The dog
The dog taking a nap

My parents were in town and cruising around on their bikes, and they popped in for a visit.
My mom and me went to look at shoes and we also went to visit the shop my cousin works at, a beautiful space with really cool furniture.

Tabletop samples
Me in the mirror, obviouslyBack at the shop i almost finished the piece i was working on, here's a sneak peek at the bottom
Allan bought this for me at the flea market, but forgot about it... i love surprise gifts and i love my husband!

Tomorrow i'm going to the country with my parents for a day.
The weather forecast says sun and i'm hoping to go swimming with my mom (fingers crossed).
Allan is staying home to draw, and i know this is retarded, but i'm gonna miss him.
We almost never spend a day apart, and a whole night is almost unheard of.
Good thing i'm bringing Lucifer with me!

Ps. I almost forgot, the weirdest thing happened on our way to the shop:
We saw this sweet, old lady sitting by the lakes, looking at the swans... while talking to an urn. Seriously, a friggin urn.
I was tempted to go ask her if she was ok, but there's a senior home close by and she seemed fine, or as fine as you can be when you're chatting to ashes, so we kept walking.
As we walked away i said to Allan: "this is the saddest thing i've ever seen in my whole life" and seconds after i'd said that, this dude runs up to us, tells us it's a bit for candid camera (to which i reply "thank god, i thought it was for real"), that he liked my reaction and would i mind if they used it on their show.
I said no thanks, of course, and explained that i really don't want to be on TV.
The dude seemed kinda bummed, and maybe a little surprised, but left.
Anyway, weird experience, but what really surprised me was the fact that people are apparently still doing candid camera shows!
Makes me so glad i don't have television anymore.


  1. super fin blog du har! og dejligt med alle billederne. jeg glæder mig sådan til at få mit pindsvin lavet hos jer. jeg kan slet ikke beskrive hvor spændt jeg er og har endda begyndt nedtælling til tatt... hvor de fleste nok nærmere laver nedtælling til ferie etc. :)

    solglade jyllands hilsner fra marie & ingrid!

  2. I know how it feels to feel relieved to have a work space. I feel so productive.

    By the way, love the dress.

  3. They make you watch those candid camera shows on planes, don't they.

  4. marie, 100o tak, vi glæder os til at se dig herovre!

    Bluebird Russian, thanks, it's an old h&m thing i've dyed a bunch and tried to throw out, but i keep coming back to it!

    aixxx, maybe that's what it's for?
    It just seems so early 90's!