Monday, June 7, 2010

When in Southern California

Sometimes i'm surprised at how little i know about myself.
For example, i used to think that i was great at relaxing, and if you'd asked me just a few years ago i'd have told you that i was the kind of person that never, ever got stressed.
Sometimes the things you feel just ain't what they appear to be.

So i suck at relaxing, but today i gave it a go anyway.

New bikini, lots and lots of sunscreen and some gossip... not a bad way to spend an afternoon

I haven't been lazy all day though.
We got up early as usual to get our complimentary breakfast, draw for clients (Allan, obviously, not me) and check out an outdoor swap meet with Klaus.

Klaus' car is full of fishing equipment and lies
Neither of us bought anything that was over five dollars, i think we did good


  1. I'm glad you're having a nice rest, and way to go on the exhibiting extreme self-control in the face of flea market shopping danger!

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  3. Hope you're enjoying your relax!