Thursday, June 3, 2010


We're here!
The flight was horrible, so friggin bumpy and with a frustrating Paris layover, but eventually we made it.

Allan at LAX with our very expensive, very red rental car
We went straight to Sid's were we got a ride in this beauty
Here's Jon in our California tattoo home

We had a great first day here, we hung out at the shop and we even went to see Jen and the kids, but towards the end of the night we were terribly sleepy and we turned in around midnight, after being up for almost 24 hours.
Today we have... no plans.
Feels almost like a real vacation!


  1. Pff, foretrækker i dét dollargrin frem for en god gammeldaws postkasserød Nissan? Alligevelled? Ja ja, fint skal det være! ;)

    Godt I er fremme. Kys!

  2. Awesome! Have a nice time!:)

  3. Have a nice vacay, and woaw that is a pretty car!!!