Sunday, May 23, 2010

Wants and needs

By now you probably know a little bit about how i live my life.
And you may have noticed that i'm really into organic produce and organic living, and that i'd probably try to grow all of my own food if i didn't live in an apartment in central Copenhagen.
I'm not preachy about it, or at least i don't intend to be, my lifestyle is my own, and if people don't agree with it that's cool.
My job is just to try and take care of the planet to the best of my ability, and i do that by riding my bike to work every day, recycling whenever possible, not being too wasteful with water and energy, and stuff like that.
I also try my best to be a critical consumer, and i always try to consider whether or not i really need these things i'm itching to buy, or if i just feel like satisfying my inner shopaholic.
That part isn't easy.

Lately i've felt like i need to put a lot more thought into the stuff i buy and put in my home, not just the stuff i put in my mouth.
I need less stuff in my life, less clutter.*
I am still a gadget lover at heart, one who'd be very sad to live without her iPhone and laptop, but i'm also fascinated by the whole simple living movement.
I would never personally take a concept like that and stick to it 100%, but i love to pick apart these lifestyle philosophies and keep the parts that can be useful to me and the way i live my life.
Like this book i read last year. I would never personally move to an Amish style community and turn my back on technology completely, but it gave me a lot of great tips, and a lot to think about, you know?

Does any of this make any sense?
The English speaking part of my brain is not really working today.

Anyway, a while ago i decided that one of the things i was sick of, was the electric water kettle on my kitchen counter.
It was taking up space and looking less than elegant, and since we almost never make coffee or tea at home anymore, it didn't serve much of a purpose.
So i went digging through some very old boxes in the basement and found the kettle i used when i first moved away from home, many years ago.
It used to be my parents', and it was apparently one of the first things my mom bought for her new house when she moved away from home.

So we went from this...
... to this!

I love that i didn't have to go out and buy a new kettle, or pay even more money for an antique one.
I found one in a box, and one that has lots of style and lots of sentimental value too.

And while we're (kind of) on the subject of nature, we ate outside for the first time this year last night!
Our backyard isn't very cozy or interesting, especially since it's being renovated at the moment (renovations on Vesterbro unfortunately means cutting down trees and paving over grass, by the way), but it's still nice to be able to eat outside.

I'm not good at many things, but i make a mean potato salad... and those are soy-sages by the way (see what i did there?), i haven't eaten a normal one since i got food poisoning at that barbecue last year
See, i do love gadgets! Dinner music provided by Allans iPod and a tiny speaker Corey gave us

*I know i've just brought home a ton of stuff from Japan, but believe me, it was a lot less than i'm used to!


  1. I really admire your blog and your husbands artwork and tattoos. I remember asking you if you guys ever visited the state but now i'd like to know that if i wanted to plan a possible tattoo appointment with your husband, whats the best way i should do that? Take into consideration, i live in california and i'll wait as long as i can.

  2. Thanks so much for this fab post :) Its one that really hits home for me....I have a thing for shopping....and by a thing I mean...I think it borders on a "problem". My boyfriend is really helpful in trying to keep my needs/WANT under control BUT the impulse to shop/new stuff is a strong one. So keeping life more simple is something I really crave BUT really struggle with. I really admire you and taking this on :)

    Oh and I am super excited to see what your response to Russian Bluebird is :) Nothing would make me happier than a dansk tattoo.

  3. God post, gode tanker. Og fin, fin kedel. Jeg havde en lyserød, buttet, lignende en fra en genbrugsbutik, da jeg flyttede hjemmefra, og den tjente mig vel længe! Men med barn etc. er det smartere at have en el-fætter...
    I det hele taget er den naturvenlige livsstil ikke let, når tiden er knap. Convienience over conscience, bliver det desværre tit. Måske kunne du lave en post med dine bedste tip? Jaaah, gør det gør det!

  4. Love the kettle!

    I want a 'proper' kettle, they are great. I use a saucepan at the moment but it doesn't whistle, its just not the same!

  5. Helt enig i dine tanker. Men hey, du bruger MERE energi ved at bruge en gammeldags keddel end du bruger ved at bruge en ny, grim el-kedel. Så når du har begge dele på lager, så er det et lille skridt i den forkerte retning i energiforbrug..?

  6. Bluebird Russian, the best way, since he's not taking any clients at the moment is to wait.
    When he starts booking again, we'll announce it on the shop blog (not this one, this is my personal blog that i try to keep separate from work).
    When he starts booking, people can send a mail with all their ideas for the design, size and placement to and we'll get back to them with the booking and deposit information.
    For people who can't wait to book in Denmark, he'll be at the London convention in September, so that's also a way to go.
    Hope that helped.

    Tanya, it is a strong one indeed, good thing we have partners who can help us control the shopping monster!
    I try to get as excited about getting rid of stuff, and selling or giving away stuff can be just as rewarding as acquiring new crap, i think.

    Flo's Diner, enig, bekvemmeligheden vinder også tit her.
    Jeg skal prøve at tænke over nogle smarte fif!

    samboy, this one doesn't whistle either, sadly, so i have to keep an eye on it!

    Anonymous, nu har jeg jo ikke begge dele på lager mere, den mindre dekorative el-kedel skal nemlig bo hos mine forældre, der magler sådan en.
    Hvad der bruger mest energi, min gamle el-kedel eller min gamle kedel til gas konfur, ved jeg ikke, så det må jeg tage dit ord for.
    Men da jeg koger vand så enormt sjældent herhjemme (i min butik hvor vi koger vand flere gange om dagen bruger vi fx en el-kedel), og generelt er en meget sparsommelig person når det kommer til el, kan jeg under alle omstændigheder godt leve med mit energi forbrug.
    Og nu handlede indlægget jo heller ikke kun om at spare på energien, selvom det er vigtigt, det handlede også om at have færre ting, men flere ting som man er rigtig glad for.
    Og jeg ved da trods alt, at el-kedeler skal skiftes ud en gang i mellem (min sidste var i hvert fald ikke min første) men min mors kedel har holdt i over 40 år, indtil videre.