Monday, May 3, 2010

The surprise

So, we're still in Japan (read why on Allan's blog), enjoying our bonus day.
The bags are packed (don't ask me how), the apartment is clean and my only problem right now is that i only have the clothes i wore yesterday (on our official last day) and my travel clothes laid out.
The rest, including the epic shorts i was hoping to wear today, is in a suitcase that is packed like a messy, but somehow organized, game of Tetris, and i'm afraid what's gonna happen if i try to remove a piece from the puzzle.

So what are we doing on our bonus day?
No idea.
I just plan on enjoying the sun, maybe do some walking and probably (and by probably i mean definitely) watch Allan eat some Ramen at some point.
Hell, i may even join him.
I'm also gonna try my best not to buy anything that isn't edible.
Good luck with that, me!

Day before yesterday, man with dog, somewhere in Koenji
Lazy koi, dancing in the wind
Lunch with an overworked Izumi yesterday in Takadanobaba
Later, a self portrait in the sun
Another one in the bathrooms at Takashimaya, i'm wearing a dress i got from my mom, crochet socks and my new Vans*
After we realized our mistake, we celebrated with cake!

Next post will probably be more Japan related stuff, only this time posted in Denmark.

* And my new bag, that i love so, so much


  1. Cuuute dress and I love the koi windsocks! Hope you have safe travels back home.

  2. you look awesome in that dress! Can't wait for more pictures and stuff from japan, I really can't get enough of that stuff! have a fun last day....

  3. oooh that dress is amazing! Love it!

    Good find Mrs. Amalie's momma!x

  4. i'm loving the pictures and ur sunglasses! and of course everything else :)

  5. you are soooo gorgeous! i love the dress and those shoes :)

  6. Thanks guys, credit goes to my mom for picking out the dress!