Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Lasts and firsts

And we're back.
We got in yesterday and we actually had a pretty pleasant first day back.
We went grocery shopping together, and after not having cooked in a month, i made dinner for us and my parents, who came by to drop off the best dog in the world.
After they left, the three of us fell asleep on the couch while snuggling and watching a bad alien abduction movie.

This morning was pretty great too.
Neither of us had any real jet lag, and while Allan drew up a sleeve, i did the laundry, made us bento lunch and prepared this evenings dinner.
But this idyllic state didn't last.
As soon as we left for work, shit started hitting the fan and it didn't stop.
Deals that was made a long time ago were broken, money issues just kept piling up.
The shop not being finished didn't exactly help either.
So while i may have appeared to be working, walking and riding a bike, i've been in a mental fetal position all day.
Lets hope tomorrow will... i can't even finish that, tomorrow is just gonna be more of the same shit.
I'm just gonna continue to post pictures from Japan and pretend i'm still there!

Last (real last) day.
We had breakfast in Koenji and then we walked all day.
In Shibuya, Harajuku and Kichijōji.
Everywhere we went was crowded, but we didn't mind.
Somewhere around Cat Street a hairdresser came out of his shop to take our picture, and we ended up having a photo session right there in the street.
It happened again on Omotesando when this really cute couple asked to take our picture.
Allan took theirs too.
It was an almost perfect day, exactly what i needed.

Bento brunch at the playground
Boys in Shibuya
New Nike posters in Myashita Park
Allan posing with Mr. Crazypants in Harajuku
A huge dog outside Starbucks by Inokashira Park
Such a magical day, it was so hot i finally got to wear my new shorts (they're awesome, i hope Allan has pictures)
For our real (for real this time) farewell dinner with the guys we had Yakiniku
The meat isn't my real favorite at these places, the crispy nori is
Next day, early morning, Koenji was completely dead thanks to Golden Week (we even got a seat on the train)

The trip home was fine, i didn't sleep much and that was fine too.
I watched Avatar on the tiniest screen in the world, and although entertaining it wasn't exactly mind blowing without the 3D.
There was a woman and her kid sitting in front of us, and the kid kept dropping his toy cars into our section.
He'd have them drive on the armrests, and eventually they'd slide down and land on my foot or in my hand luggage, or on the floor.
For some reason, probably because we weren't tired, it didn't bother us, we'd just laugh and hand the cars (or in one instance, a train) back.
The mom kept trying to close the space between the seats, but they always found a way in.

One of the roadblocks between our seats

More Japan photos to come soon.
Some of food, some of crap i bought, and lots of random fun stuff.
Maybe even some tattoos for the other blog?
I promise i'll keep the whining about Denmark to a minimum (i've been complaining on Twitter all day, so hopefully it's just about out of my system) and try to find something fun to focus on instead.

Ps. Hello to all the new followers who started following while i was either in Japan or in the air somewhere, nice to meet you!


  1. glad you made it back in one piece, I am sorry your return wasn't a happy one either. I always get a bit down after a nice holiday or break away somewhere awesome but having to deal with shit when you get home always makes everything worse.

  2. welcome back you two! i hope you can live on that holiday as long as possible before copenhagen starts to be bugging you again.
    i'm glad you're back, actually my last blog post turned into a kind of welcome home amalie-post, haha ;)
    can't wait to see all the stuff you bought!

  3. Kudos for overskud i flyvemaskine! Bare der var flere som jer, siger vi her fra familieparalleluniverset.

    Og velkommen hjem. Kaffe snart?

  4. love how you write about food haha^^ but hate money issues too... haha now even more since my bf started his tattoo-apprenticeship! but i hope you will manage it all! the shop pics on the other blog were so lovely! and your last day looked fun! the nike sign is great..i should do the same with nestlé ^^

  5. Out of context but i had this dream last night where you said you were not actually in your twenties but you were forty five. I was astonished! I couldn't believe it and wanted to know all your secrets about looking young and beautiful.


  6. Nice to meet you too!

    Really enjoying the blog, and the photos are lovely.


  7. Alex, yup, the post holiday blues is bad enough on it's own, it does not need company!

    Bianca , thanks a bunch!!

    Flo's Diner, jeg tror det er slemt nok at rejse alene med sit barn uden sure naboer, og hun gjorde sit bedste. Og han var altså virkelig sød!
    Kaffe i næste uge?

    Sandra Valerie, for sure, Nestlé can suck it too!

    Bluebird Russian, actually i'm 53 but i stay young by drinking the blood of virgins (but don't tell anyone!)

    Loaferbob, thanks a lot!!

  8. I send nice happy 'make everything better' thoughts! not sure that'll work though :(

    Oooh cute matroysha bag!

  9. That dog is the cutest thing I have ever seen!