Monday, May 24, 2010


Copenhagen marathon was this Sunday and we were determined to avoid it at all costs, but since dogs need to poop and husbands need to drink coffee, we had no such luck.

Instead of picking up trash right away, the staff would sweep it into the street so the heavy wind could carry it down side streets like mine... thanks!
This is the most disgusting thing i've seen... recently (i don't wanna say ever, cause i've seen a lot of gross shit): the Vaseline Man
"Uh, say, is that free Vaseline? Sure i'll have some"
"I'll just put some of that right in my sweaty armpits, and then the next person can put it on their face... oh, yes, works for me!"
In the few minutes we were standing there, we saw people put it on lips (ew), pits (eew) and even down their friggin pants (EEEW!)
Good thing we didn't have brunch until after we came back from our walk

We tried to stay away, just have a nice Sunday at home, but the pull of the new shop is too powerful.
There's just so much to be done there.
So we stopped trying to resist and had ourselves a fun weekend workday.

I'd somehow convinced Allan to let me ride with him on his bike, here we are on the way home in the evening sun
Bad Angle Family Portrait
Whoa, look how fast we're going!

We finally bought our tickets to the States this morning.
I don't really feel we have time for this trip, and we certainly can't afford it, but i'm still looking forward to warm weather and good friends.


  1. i've just booked my US flights, internet airline sites are the bane of my life. But now I'm excited for some East Coast sunshine! xxx

  2. are you coming out here to the east coast?

  3. EEEEEWWWWW !!! I hate Vaseline Man !!!!!!!! EEeeeewwwwwwwwwww !

  4. whyyy do they smear vaseline on themselves??
    I think it's was international marathon weekend because we had several of these too. although not in my city...yet

  5. Ej okay noget svineri!! Både skraldet alle vegne, men også Vaseline manden. Folk er bare ækle!

    Sejt family fun portrait! Weeeeee, fart på!

  6. Adadadadad, det er det ultimativt mest uhumske jeg har hørt længe, vaseline bøtten som alle dypper i. Øv. Og skraldet. De har lagt ruten om så de ikke passerer mine vinduer mere, nu kan jeg sove fra det, ha! :-) Sandra

  7. Ha! vaseline man is gross but you made it really funny!

    the weather in copenhagen looks so lovely all the time in your pictures! It has been raining a lot in Tokyo lately :(

    Have a good trip!!!

  8. oh oh oh where are you visiting? So Cal again? If it wasnt creepy weird and kinda stalker like, it would be fun to drive down (its like a 8 hour drive) and have coffee :) LOL good thing I am not a total weirdo!!

  9. owl eyes, have a nice trip!

    Blood Milk, no, west coast this time, i'm afraid.

    ELECTRIC PICK, i think Vaseline man hates himself too!

    Betty, i don't know, cause they're gross?
    Allan's theory was that it prevents chafing.

    Hella J, SÅ ækle!

    Classic Copenhagen, right? Det er bare ikke en af de ting der er ok at dele!

    ros, it's so cold ad windy these days, but the rain seems to have stopped for now at least!

    Tanya, well, if you suddenly feel like taking an 8 hour drive around the 10th, i'll be at the Queen Mary in Long Beach!

  10. Family portrait is 100% Awesome ^^