Saturday, May 22, 2010

First days of spring

Spring is here, but apparently it's not here to stay, so when we're not working our asses off at the shop, we're outside catching some much needed sun.

Thursday, the weather was amazing and with the lakes being so close to the shop, it was an ideal place to enjoy it
Even if they are overrun with the scourge of Copenhagen, also known as f*cking joggers
On busy days like this one (where we didn't come home until 1 in the morning) me and my sidekick need and appreciate these little breaks
Friday, me and Lucifer met up with Fie and Viola for some yummy ice cream at the worlds best cemetery (sorry for the crappy picture, curious babies and swimming dogs can be hard to capture!)
Same day, Allan finished early and we went out to eat lunch at buy more lamps
And today, more ice cream at the unofficial dog park
A nice surprise on our morning walk, we found a bird and a squirrel for the office and they were cheap too!


  1. your hair is looking great! :)

    Love the stuffed critters too!

  2. Lamper får man aldrig nok af.

    Og var Lucifers hovede ikke blevet skåret af i farten, havde det været det sejeste billede!!

  3. hehe

    it's quite fun to read your blogs when you're talking about places and I realise I know exactly where they are ^^

    summer is here in Paris too since tuesday !