Friday, May 7, 2010


Copenhagen is cold.
Unreasonably cold.
Wearing-my-winter-coat-and-gloves cold.
The post-travel blues aren't as bad as before, but they've been replaced with kind of a late winter depression.
Or a why-the-fuck-isn't-it-warm-yet depression.
I'm really into hyphenating stuff today, huh?

But i am happy to report that i'm still getting up early, and still cooking dinner and lunch daily.
So yay for that at least.

From one of the first days in Japan
My Rilakkuma camera case which i lost during Koenji festival, luckily i had time to buy a new one before leaving
Dude on the train taking a serious nap!
Allan eating at J.S. Burger (formerly known as "Standard Burger", a much better name if you ask me)
Awesome Shinjuku in the afternoon sun
The people in Koenji kita seem to live a little better than us minami folk
A kitty (there weren't enough kitty pictures this time... maybe there'll be more when i get the Diana film back)
Gray hoodie crew

The weekend is here.
I'm exhausted and would like nothing more than to relax tomorrow, and maybe do some work around our messy apartment, but another messy apartment* needs our attention, so there'll be no relaxing just yet.
Maybe sunday.
Hope y'all have a happy and chill weekend ahead of you.

*My 90-something grandpa got a new apartment in the same building, and moved while we were in Japan, so tomorrow we're emptying the old one.
The stinky, nicotine colored, old one.


  1. Copenhagen IS cold! I was there yesterday and I wished that i brought a warmer jacket!

  2. I love the 'extreme urban napping' ! :D

  3. Det er rocker koldt! Uacceptabelt. Jeg har det på samme måde som dig... jeg bliver helt nervøs for at det smitter af på min blog, jeg har jo ikke noget lækkert fra Japan at underholde med, ak. Men det er altså hyggeligt at du er tilbage alligevel, og jeg er også glad på Lucifer's vejne.

  4. Aw, the boys could be in a gray hoodie gang!

    I want to shake the train napper's hand. That is one sound fellow. And your cat pictures, this trip at least, were replaced by fox pictures, which is just as good :)

  5. that is EXTREME napping! How the hell did he do that!? I agree with Coralene, I wanna shake his hand too!

    Loving the grey hoodie gang too, its cute!

  6. Jeg kan sige dig, at det også er koldt på Fyn, så tror hele landet er ramt af post-isvinter. Og de har lukket varmen på cafeerne i Svendborg, såøh... Landet er som én stor kummefryser.


  7. Do you think J.S. Burger stands for "Just Standard"?

    Man, I hate those shameless nappers in public in Japan. No matter how tired they may be, they should at least bow down and keep their mouths closed.


  8. Come here!! It's sooo hot in singapore and it's gonna get hotter by june, people might just walk around in their undies..

  9. How is that sleeping guy staying upright!? Skills!

    If it makes you feel any better, we woke up on Tuesday to FOUR INCHES OF SNOW. Talk about depressing.

  10. +40 with 300% humidity here !!! I is melting ! But oh ... Sweet sweet nicotine !! Always there for me !!

    Ok bye bye !

  11. clarah, still cold! Where the hell is spring?

    MinusAll, this guy was a little more extreme than the norm, even my japanese friends had to laugh when they saw the picture!

    Classic Copenhagen, tak, det er rart at have været savnet!
    Jeg er også lidt bange for at det smitter, men jeg har lidt Japan billeder tilbage i gemmerne hvis det skulle gå helt galt.

    the cat whisperer , true, fox pictures are pretty awesome too.
    And maybe there'll be cat pictures on my Diana film (i get it back friday!)

    samboy, it's a gift, the japanese just have it!

    Karla og Ditte, jeg havde sådan glædet mig til en varm butik, men næ, her er ligeså pisse kold som da vi tog hjemmefra.

    Ai, it actually stands for Journal Standard, as in the shop?
    They're right above Journal Standard in Shinjuku.
    But still, i liked the first name better.
    This guy was the most extreme i'd ever seen, and i've even been slept ON on the metro once!
    I agree, bowing the head is much more polite, and safe.

    HL, dude! i wanna walk around in my undies in Singapore right now!
    I might get arrested, but i think it'd be worth it.

    Teagan, eek, snow? If that happens here i'll die!

    ELECTRIC PICK, that sounds delightful! Except the nicotine... ew.