Saturday, April 17, 2010


Thursday was kind of a catch up with the girls day.
We had dinner plans with Izumi at night, and during the day we managed to catch up with Crystal over coffee at Lumine, before she headed to Hong Kong on vacation.

This was my lunch and it was delicious
We picked up Izumi at her office, she works for Tattoo Burst (our favorite tattoo magazine) and their company apparently also published... well, smut!
Which explained the random piles o' porn
Izumi wore purple shoes, something her co-worker was convinced gave men the wrong idea (really? probably only in Japan)
This is Mimi-Chan, the office kitty
Such a sweet kitty too!
Here she is again, pre-collar
We were supposed to eat in Takadanobaba (i just love saying that) but ended up in Shinjuku anyway, at a place Izumi's boss recommended*
This was the first time we ever had Kushi Age, but certainly not the last
The sticks just kept coming, so you had to let the chef know when you were full
Some were a little hard to eat but they were all so good!
This is actually garlic
Our modest trophies
Ceramic hedgehog dude

Lots had happened since we saw each other in November, of course, but the biggest surprise was that Izumi almost quit smoking.
A pretty big deal.
I'm so proud!

*Allan and Izu are sitting underneath the hall of fame, the people who've eaten the most sticks at the restaurant, that is.
To even be considered, women had to eat 70 sticks and men 80.
I ate 17.


  1. Ha! Aw, poor Mimi-Chan! Pets in cones look so pitiful, I love them.

    And seventy sticks?! Eighty? I wonder if my Takeru Kobayashi has done this.

    I think that the fact that Izumi's coworker felt the need to let her KNOW that she could be giving men the wrong idea is more funny than anything. "FYI, streetwalker..."

  2. 17! Wow, I am such a food wimp I couldn't have managed double figures thats for sure.

    I bet Coralene was figuring out if she could out eat all of the hall of fame people as she read your entry!

    Why is Mimi-Chan in a collar? Poor kitty! Was it a photocopier related accident?

  3. Aaaj, hvad er det der der hullede chips-agtige-nogen længst til højre på din tallerken på første billede hedder? Du lavede dem engang til mig, sidder lige og får den sygeste craving nu! Make for el prego hvem you return? Yes please?

    Og jeg er forvirret over:
    1. hvorfor skulle mænd få den forkerte idé pga hendes lilla sko? Og
    2. hvorfor har kitty krave på, hvis den er sød?

  4. Ah! That little ceramic dude is Tanuki! Awesome. There is one just like him at the bottom of some stairs that lead to my favourite Japanese restaurant here in Auckland (New Zealand), where they call the food on sticks Yakitori - is it different to this? The cat is also very very cute. An office cat! Sounds pretty cool.


  5. Jeg er også forvirret over det med skoene. Hvad signalerer lilla? Er der color codes for sko og tøj i Japan? Det ville være SEJT, hvis der var (håbe, håbe)

    Og det med svimmelheden, skal du ikke lige have det tjekket?

  6. I would like to have that meal of yours! And a visit at Japan too! You're so lucky!:)

  7. I want those kushi age so badly. i didn't know you could eat that much, though.

    i wish i had come down to meet you this weekend.

  8. the cat whisperer, i'm sure he could, the record was held by some gaijin named Stephen!
    And there's no time limit here, not like the world of competitive hotdog eating!

    Alex, haha, i hope it wasn't!! I think she just had a rash on her back or something, didn't look too serious.
    And it was easy getting to 17, but i wussed out first. Allan and Izumi both made it past 20!

    Hella J, A) lotus rødder, 1)fordi de er lilla, og det skulle åbenbart betyde... noget og 2)fordi den er syg, ikke bidsk!

    alice, she's doing great, i'll tell her you said hi!

    rainbowstripe, yeah, that little guy is pretty much everywhere!
    Yakitori is barbecued chicken, while this is deep fried vegetables as well as meat and seafood, so it's a little different.
    An office cat is definitely a good thing!

    Flo's Diner, han påstod at lilla betød at man var... på jagt efter noget action! Men der var ingen af os andre der havde hørt om det. Jeg skal spørge omkring!
    Mht. svimmelhed er der ikke så meget jeg kan gøre ved det her, så det må bare vente.

    Under Violet, i highly recommend both!

    aixxx, it was soo good, i can't believe i've never had it before!
    You can still make it, you know, i'm here for another two weeks...

  9. i know its a little late, but i just thought of something. is it weird that someone said purple shoes give men the wrong idea, when she works at a place that distributes *ahem* magazines?