Monday, April 5, 2010

Shinjuku sakura

Shinjuku yesterday.
On Sundays they close the main road.
I've seen this tons of times, but Allan hadn't because he usually works so much.

Why so many people still choose to walk on the sidewalk, when there's a big open road right next to it, is beyond me
We went to Shinjuku Gyoen to see the last cherry blossoms... apparently, so did everyone else
And here's the obligatory cherry blossom shot
On the way home we noticed that it was Giant Rope Day! And i forgot to send my mom a card...

Our first real day in Tokyo was a great one.
Lots of walking, snacking and late night shopping.

Today it's raining and Allan is working.
I'm planning on staying home and cleaning the apartment.
And i'm actually excited about that!


  1. Årh, cherry blossoms. Jeg har nogle på armen, men de er SÅ flotte i virkeligheden! Skønt at se rejsebilleder, når man selv sumper rundt herhjemme. Og det regner!


  2. I was in Shinjuku Gyoen just a few days before you were there! Was in Japan for a holiday and it was great.

    You made some amazing hats too! =)