Friday, April 23, 2010

Rainy days

Today i basically just wanna blog about my new tattoo, because it's so friggin awesome, but since there's not much to say besides that, i guess i'll try to move on to other subjects.*
Like the good old days (last week) when it didn't rain all the time.
Yes, Tokyo is all rainy today, and me and Allan have stayed at home, drawing and practicing Hiragana.

We did sneak out to visit (for the first time in all the years we've been coming to Koenji) a cafeteria style cake café by the station, that's usually only frequented by old ladies and the yakuza.
The staff were terrified of us, but apart from that it was pretty awesome!

Since there were no English menus, we just ordered the craziest looking cakes
And it worked, good stuff!

Ok, back to the good old days.
On Sunday (i think) we took a trip to Asakusa, followed by a quick stop in Ueno.
Again i mostly used my Diana, so i don't have a whole lot of pictures to share.

Asakusa, where we bought two Maneki Neko (can't have too many of those) and a Kokeshi doll
Pretty bird
There were lots of little food stands all over the temple grounds, and we decided to split an order of Takoyaki
Hello Kitty chocolate bananas and a cute couple... i forgive the dude for wearing harempants (but only because we're in Japan, buddy!)
Some deep fried sweets for dessert!
This little drooly fella was out shopping, against his will i presume
In Ueno we walked up and down Ameyoko, looking at crazy fish and tacky clothes for sale
Tacky perfumes too...
At Ueno Koen we sat down and did some people and cat watching
This guy brought food for the park kitties, how nice!
Back in Koenji we discovered a wonderful new cheap and delicious restaurant by the station
I ate everything but the shellfish, or whatever that was (i'll eat food from street vendors, but no shellfish... weird?)

*Did i mention that it's super awesome?
I guess i did...


  1. Yay, good old feriebilleder! Det ser hyggeligt ud.

    Katten ligner virkelig meget den fra Alice in Eventyrland.

  2. I always get so HUNGRY reading your posts when you are in Japan!>.<

  3. Thanks, i hope you'll keep stopping by!

  4. Oh i wanted to see your new tattoo!!! where is it?

  5. Next page (i must post too many pictures since my less than a week old tattoo is an "older post")!