Monday, April 19, 2010

Oh no she didn't!

Well, of course i did

I bought it in Harajuku today, for cheap too!
Allan, the former non-believer, even tried to talk me into buying a floral one too, but i so wasn't pulling that off.

My pictures are just piling up, and so are the stories that go with them, but i don't seem to have the time to post at the moment.
And now that i'm doing my best to reset my internal clock back to Yellow Blaze time*, i can't even do a proper late night post.
Oh well, soon i'll have time again and i'll tell you all about our recent adventures!

*Shige starts working at 10 am, and that means we have to get up around 7.45 am to be in Yokohama on time.
I dream of the day when a magical train will take me directly from Kōenji to Ishikawachō.
Or just from Nakano, i don't want to make it difficult for the good people of JR East.


  1. Yay! I love the straw, it's like a little barbershop quartet!

  2. Cute, reminds me of Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle.

  3. yay cute hat!

    my sister may be stuck in japan a little longer cos of the volcano dust. lucky!

  4. I so want one... Please bring some back to DK!