Monday, April 26, 2010

The nest

Jiyūgaoka last week.
We checked out the area and also took a trip to Shibuya (where i needed to do some fabric shopping) and Harajuku.

Jiyūgaoka was nice and full of cafés and cool little interior design shops, and i found a few pretty little things that i had to own.
It was, however, also a nesting area, as my husband called it.
We have never seen so many pregnant ladies, babies and small children anywhere in Tokyo, so i guess this is where they've been hiding this whole time!
However, there was not a baby-tank in sight.
Japanese women carry their offspring in a baby sling*, and the babies apparently don't need to bring any more accessories than the mom can fit into a purse that's often tinier than mine, and this of course makes the battle of the sidewalk far less vicious than where we come from.
Denmark, take notes.

The optimum of boys style?
Happy camper sees the sun
Cutest Shiba in Jiyūgaoka
Japanese ladies love it when we photograph their dogs!

*They will occasionally bring out a baby stroller, but i swear, there's not one tank in this whole city.


  1. Det ligner min tank den der - bortset fra elgene sæføli!
    Min teori på de manglende barnevogne i Tokyo er, at der ikke er vægt nok bag de små petite japanske kvinder, til at skubbe en babytank?

  2. og yay for at du har fjernet det der ordbekræftelses halløj!

  3. ladies with babies are a nightmare here too! they do buggy rally driving!

    can't wait to see what you got!

  4. i was totally jealous of the baby tanks when we were in copenhagen. things happen to you when you have a kid that you would never imagine. : )
    miss you guys and japan!
    please tell everyone hi for us!

  5. Hella J, det gør det lidt!
    Nej, slæbe, det kan de små damer her sgu sagtens, der er bare ikke plads til den slags her i byen!

    Jeg tænkte at jeg ville prøve at fjerne den, men jeg har allerede fået spam en gang i dag, så måske kommer det tilbage.

    samboy, i'm gonna have to take a lot of pictures when i either pack or unpack.

    alice, miss you too, i already told the boys and Izumi hi from you!

  6. Hmm, mere spam kan jeg se. Øv. Hvorfor skal få, altid ødelægge det for mange? Pisselort.

  7. The relation between the mother and the child remains close using the baby carriers and slings.

  8. Ja helt ærligt mouse, hvorfor er du imod at babyer og deres mødre skal være tætte? Du er godt nok en værre en du! Ha ha ha!!

  9. Jamen Helle, jeg tror både du og spammeren har misforstået mit indlæg; jeg er jo pro-carrier og anti-tank, ikke omvendt!