Friday, April 2, 2010

Mori Girl

The beginning of this year, if you can even still call it the beginning, has been unusually uncreative for me.
No more than two or three posts have fallen under the "hat" category this year, and most of those were probably in progress posts.

Regular readers already know the two main reasons for that: illness and the new shop.
The two things that consumed my life for the better part of January, all of February, and most of March too.

But i did do some hat making, actually.
I just didn't post any finished pictures because the hats i'm working on are part of a series, and i wanted a few more done before the grand unveiling.
Well, i only had the time to finish one, and to almost finish a second.
But i feel confident i'll go straight to work on the rest of them as soon as i'm back in Denmark, so i decided to post a sneak peak anyway.
Or, auto post a sneak peak, because as you may know, i am on my way to Japan right now!

The series is called Mori Girl and these are the first one and a half pieces of six or seven.

First finished piece: The Squirrel
Squirrel closeup
Acorn closeup
Super sneaky unfinished teaser picture: The Garden*

Hope you like them, and i hope you'll like their friends too, when i eventually finish them!

*Yes, that is a fence


  1. Oh my gosh, at first I thought that the fence was a cross sticking up by the lamb, which would be amazing. I know you don't practice religion, but would you consider doing a crazy Catholic hat, or would that be kind of weird? I would LOVE that!! Just like, over the top Jesus. Haha.

    I must really be the worst Catholic ever.

  2. Teehee how adorable, love your style. Thanks for sharing with us, it is quite a charmer.

  3. I love the squirrel and the little acorns.
    I want to wear one of your hats at my wedding one day. I've decided this a while ago already but I thought I'll let you know too now haha

  4. super cool, can't wait to see all of them finished!, happy travels!

  5. i agree with betty's plan...i want to also wear your hats at my wedding and kit out my bridesmaids in cute adorable hats :) just need to find a man now! :p

    goat head wear rocks! :)

  6. Definitely Mori girl style.

  7. wow I love them!! :)

    Are they some of the roses I sent you? :) If so they look amazing, I'm glad you're getting use out of the random crap I send! x

  8. SOO fun!! Do you purchase any hat making supplies? I find that any sort of hat making anything is few and far in the states.

  9. the cat whisperer, maybe it'd make you the best catholic ever?
    But the timing for an awesome catholic hat might not be the best right now!

    Leila Marvel, thank you!

    Betty, thanks, i'd love to make a hat for your wedding, just let me know when!

    danish ice, thanks, can't wait to get back and finish them!

    sarita, ok, just let me know when the man has been found and i'll get right on it!

    aixxx, i'm kind of obsessed...

    samboy, yes, they are!
    Turns out they were perfect for this project!

    alice, i'd be sad if you didn't like the squirrel one!

    Ashley, thanks.
    I don't purchase all of my materials in one place. Some is vintage, some from Japan and some from the states too.
    I have a shop in Denmark for lace and stuff, but most is from overseas.
    In the States i go to Michaels, they have the most awesome flowers there!

  10. <3 Suuuuper nifty!!!! I'm in love with the squirrel!