Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hello, Vitamin D!

Today we had our first day of sweet, sunshiny weather, and after the worlds longest winter it felt so damn good!
I'd even prepared for the good weather by buying tights to match the dress i was planning on wearing, that's how excited i was by the iPhones promise of sunshine.

Me, Allan and a couple of puzzled office ladies
With no full length mirror in the apartment, i have to sneak pictures while shopping to see how i look
The most epic tights EVER!*
After Allan finished working we went out for a coffee in the sun (mine was a Sakura Iced Latte!)

*If you don't think so that's ok.
But you'd be wrong, of course, because they are.


  1. Favorite outfit by far! Enjoy your sun!

  2. sooo jealous of the weather!!!!! and that outfit is super cute, love the skirt!!!

  3. Those tights are really lovely, as is the rest of your outfit. Sunshine is the best! You both look like you're having so much fun.

  4. It was so hot yesterday, wasn't it?

    Is the sakura latte any good? I'm always tempted but haven't tried it yet.

  5. Sounds like a sweet day indeed !! Miss you guys lots ! You guys are like so close ... Yet so very very far !!!! Hello from the thick humid jungle of the Mekong river where I be sipping my coconut with my new friend the tukan , sitting on a giant turtle , taking me down streem where the locals are having a BBQ where I am the guest of honour !! Wonder what's on the menue that it was so important I should not be late !?

    Oh look !! A funny toad ... I'll lick it ! Later !

  6. No you're right, they're totally epic. And I love your little shoes!

  7. the tights may be epic, but the skirt is TRULY epic! I love it!

  8. Sakura iced latte?? AND the matcha sakura kitkats???

    Boy, I need to visit Japan.

    Tights are indeed epic.

  9. Thanks all, i'm glad you agree!!

    aixxx, it was pretty good, even though i'm more of a hot coffee person.

    Teagan, yep, traveling to Japan for the snacks sounds totally reasonable to me!