Thursday, April 29, 2010


It's that time again.
The time when i realize the days we have left are so few, that they probably shouldn't be spent blogging.
Or at least not as frequently as usual.
They probably shouldn't be spent sitting inside reading all day when the weather is real nice outside, but that's exactly what i did today, so who knows, maybe i'll find time to blog too.

Allan had his last session on this trip today, and since i wasn't feeling too great, i decided to just hang at Yellow Blaze.
I brought my book and my Hiragana homework, so i had enough entertainment for the whole day.
Allan was a tough cookie, always is, and they got a lot done.
We both have two more appointments in November and i'm excited for mine already.

Lining and tails

I did venture outside a few times to pick up supplies, and on one of those trips something really wonderful happened.
I was standing in the food section of 100 Yen Shop, checking out random stuff and scanning for anything vaguely familiar, as i've done so many times before, when all of a sudden i found myself reading labels!
I can't even explain how awesome that felt!
I can't read everything of course, but enough to manage to buy the stuff i need and that's a start.
And back at the studio i even read some Kanji too.
Since we started getting into practicing again*, it's like little bits of information that was invisible to us before, is now popping up everywhere, and discovering this new world is so much more fun than we expected.

My 100 Yen buys
Back in Koenji, the ticket machine at the ramen shop made friggin sense to us too, i ordered the salt ramen with extra vegetables, and that's exactly what i got!
Good ramen and reggae tunes

*We're using a free iPhone application for this.
Loves my iPhone.


  1. ih til det hele!

    Men hvad betyder overskriften?

  2. can't believe i'm only reading these now! so it's a whole new level to able to read japanese, but it looks tough worse than chinese, the characters all look similar, it's like spot the difference.

    ah your posts makes my heart ache.. have fun!!

  3. i want that ramen too...and i want to go to japan >.< and i want another tattoo >.< i am SOOO jealous ;)

  4. That とんかつソース is what we've always gotten in our household. I still do. ブルドックソースね。I don't know why it's not ブルドッ「グ」, though!

    Keep up the good work, Amalie. Come November we'll be speaking in Japanese, yeah?

  5. That is so awsome that you can now start to read Kanji!

    Also, what is the story behind Allans backpiece?

  6. Flo's Diner, det er den ret saucen hører til.

    HL, so many are the same, but they just don't mean the same.
    At all.
    Way to complicate things!

    aixxx, eehhh, maybe if you speak, like, super slow. Like you're talking to a retarded child. Or a puppy. And no Katakana, i'm not there yet!

    Anonymous, well, maybe not read. Recognize!
    Do you mean what does the image mean in Japanese culture, or just why he decided to get that design?

  7. Sorry, i will come out of hiding!
    Well, recognizing is still something to be proud of! im sure you will get there soon enough

    Just what the image means in Japanese culture, i think you have posted it before like the story of it all. I couldn't find it and was curious

  8. Chris, i don't think i have posted the whole story before, but it's a long one, so how about i do a proper post about it when i come home?

  9. Sounds like a plan!