Thursday, April 1, 2010


Travel stress level: low to moderate.
For some reason.

I may not be stressed yet, but i am feeling weird.
I think i may be getting sick, i've felt that way for a few days now, but nothing really happens.
I just feel... uncomfortable.
It worries me.
And i friggin miss Lucifer already, this apartment sucks without him.

Anyway, today at work i did a bunch of small things around the shop.
And now i'm making a pizza.
I should probably start packing too.

I painted a little IKEA shelf for the kitchen
And i added some stuff to the office and front room too

Ok, see y'all in Japan.
Or i'll be in Japan and you'll be wherever you are, but you get the point.


  1. i miss you guys!
    wish i was meeting you in japan this time...

    safe travels!

  2. The Danish flag looks really cute on top of the shelf :) I just stumbled upon your blog, have lots of fun in Japan!!

  3. Årh hvad, nogle seje kameler (dromedarer?!)

    Hav nu en dejlig tur og træk vejret og kys hinanden og slap af. Vi ses når I er hjemme!