Saturday, April 10, 2010

Around Yokohama

We spent thursday and friday in Yokohama.
I usually go out and do a bunch of stuff, but this time i read a book and took some long walks, and that was it.
Most of you don't know this about me, because we haven't met in real life, but i like walking and i walk extremely fast.
I have short little legs, but still i have to control myself and slow down when i'm walking with someone, so when i'm alone i go a little crazy.
And since i spent friday walking up and down hills a lot, my legs are really killing me today.
But, not as much as Allan's ass must be killing him!

This was thursday.... yeah....
At the shrine down the street
Oh, it's friday now and i'm up in Harbor View Park, which ironically has the worst view of any park i know
Gotta catch the last ones while you still can

A cute sign
Don't think i wasn't tempted
At the foreign cemetery
I've been here before and it always bums me out that i can't enter
Yokohama is full of elderly people painting beautiful watercolors of buildings
I don't like painting outdoors, so i just take pictures of flowers
More people painting, this time in an Italian Garden (not sure what was so Italian about it though)
Something you don't see often in Japan
After a stop at the shop to hang out and drink some coffee i headed to Chinatown
My lovely husband's lovely backpiece (i took a nice picture of the whole thing, but i gave it to Allan to put on his blog, for a change)

I took a whole new series of Panda Pictures, for the Panda lovers out there, but that'll have to wait until tomorrow.
Right now my stupid, dizzy head needs to lie down and relax.


  1. haha..
    now that's how it should be done... haha..
    (very cool pic with Shige)

  2. Fast walking is the best kind of walking.

    My ass hurts just looking at those pictures...But AWESOME!

    Guess I'd better toughen up my bottom for future work though, because no one wants a redneck backpiece!

  3. Teagan, right?
    I go nuts when i have to walk together with slow walkers.

    And i hadn't heard that term before, redneck backpiece! Awesome!