Monday, March 22, 2010


This is what the lakes looked like the other day when the ice started melting
Eerie, right?
And this is what Lucifer looked like 15 minutes earlier when i went inside to order some lunch

No tattoo photos today either.
Even though i have a ton of them.
I just got home, and Allan and Chriss will be back soon with dinner.
Or whatever you wanna call it at this hour.

In short, today has been good, but trying at times.
Taking my grandfather to the doctor was especially rough given the appalling hygiene conditions at the clinic.
But he was in good spirits and that always makes me happy.
However, certain other people, as well as certain inanimate objects, have been getting on my nerves today.
And a client reminding me that i'm going to Japan next week (Next week! When did next week happen!? I'm not ready AT ALL!) almost gave me a stress induced heart attack.
I need time off, and i need to make lists.
In that order.


  1. I dont understand how clinics and hospitals can be so gross! The xray department in the hospital today smelled like pee. Disgusting!

    And there was a little boy crawling on the floor, with his mouth and face pressed to it. The mother just let him do it. I won't be surprised if he gets some nasty hospital infection!

    Glad your morfar is doing ok, he seems like such a cool dude!x

  2. the lake looks like in a john carpenter film ... good shot !

  3. Yes, on that lake you could film a thriller...! "The nerve racking" with guest actor that dude who's getting annoying:p *^^kidding!:)

    Lucky you for going in Japan! I'm not a huge fan of Japan-related stuff, but I'm a huge lover of travelling!:) ***^*