Saturday, March 6, 2010

That day off thing

You know those days when the weather is so good it almost makes you want to spring clean your apartment?
This has been one of those days.
But i didn't clean, i just did some dishes and bought food, that's all.
But i do need to pay some much needed attention to my home soon, it's not looking too great.

Today we split up and went shopping for the shop.
I got some cute things, like tins for tea and hooks for kitchen towels and stuff like that.
Allan bought a new faucet for one of the toilets.
We also had an interesting experience when we went out for coffee and locked ourselves out of the apartment.
Well, the interesting part is how we got back in, but that's between us and a guy we owe way too many favors already!

Allan took Lucifer our shopping with him in a messenger bag, and Lucifer seemed to like it
After our little... incident, i customized some vintage lampshades with antique gold lace that i got from my mom

Allan is on the couch watching Airwolf on DVD and i'm gonna go take a nap next to him.
Tonight we're finally going to see Avatar, but it starts super late and i don't wanna fall asleep.


  1. I'm liking the lampshades :)

    Can't wait to see the new shop, hopefully I won't have to wait forever until I can come over again!x