Monday, March 8, 2010

A stroke of luck

Remember this post from last year?
If you don't wanna bother checking the link, i can tell you that it was about a pretty dress for sale on ebay, that wasn't in my size.
There, saved you a minute or two.
Anyway, a couple of weeks ago i found that same dress on etsy, in fact i found two!
One was exactly the same as the ebay one, and the other one was almost the same, only the fabric content was cotton and not polyester, and it was cheaper.
I went for the cotton version and it arrived a few days ago.
It's a maxi lenght now, but i'll be cutting it to a mini as soon a i have the time.

I cannot wait until it's warm enough to wear dresses again...

While we're on the subject of looks, i am having some serious hair issues these days.
I grew my hair out, so it would cover my scar, but my hair has reached an awkward stage where i can only wear it up, so it is having the exact opposite effect.
So it's obvious that i need to cut it shorter again, but how and how much shorter?
I wanna do something stupid and crazy, like shave one side of my head or something!
I haven't done that since i was about 15, so maybe it's about time?
On the other hand, i have these really short bangs now, not to mention really thin and generally awful hair, and that might get in the way of my crazy plans...
Suggestions are welcome!


  1. What a pretty dress! And once you've cut it short, you'll have some nice left-overs of that lovely material. Perhaps you can use that for some accessories to go with the dress?

    As for the hairdo ... I think you would be looking absolutely stunning with a haircut like the one in the picture that you link to!!

    Hugs and kisses from me!

  2. that haircut is amazing, I've always wanted to shave my head like that but I'm too chicken! It'd really suit you cos you have such a pretty face.

    I love it when little (for want of a better word) miracles like that happen!

    Like when I found a cat milk jug the same as the one you got in Japan and I didnt need to be jealous anymore! Any I've found another 3 since, so now I have cat jugs! :)

    Hurrah for wonderous happenings!

  3. Jeg er enig med svigermor! Du kan rocke enhver frisure. Endda army cut ville være fint til dig.

  4. Jeg syntes helt sikkert det helt korte Mia Farrow-ish. Det var SÅ flot til dig!!

  5. love the dress :) AND that is some rockn hair! totally go for it....I was just at a really fancy makeup event the other day and one of the makeup artists was sporting the half shaved side head thingy and it was AMAZING!! totally punk rock sexy

  6. Thanks guys (and svigermor!) for believing i could pull that off, but i'm afraid it's not possible.
    See, first of all my hair is too fragile for a bleach job of that kind, and second, i need to cover the scar for at least 6 months, doctors orders as it isn't allowed any sun.
    So sadly, that rules out the Mia Farrow cut too:(
    So what i'm looking for is something crazy, but less short!

  7. Kør den omvendt: shavet i nakken og langt i siderne. Se dét er ornlig crazy!

  8. That's work, if i can get hairdresser to go along with it.
    She's way more conservative than me.
    Isn't it supposed to be the other way around?