Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I have decided to take sunday off and not go to the shop at all.
I know it's only wednesday night, but i'm already excited!
Let's see if it lasts or if i manage to guilt myself into going anyway.

The front room is getting closer and closer to having a floor.
It'll probably be weeks before we can actually use it, but still, it's nice to see progress.
I'm not gonna post pictures though, i'm sure we're the only ones who thinks it looks good anyway!

The rest is coming together as well, today i spent a few hours sorting out the two storage rooms, and i think i know where (almost) everything is now
This room has been causing trouble all day... not these shelves though, they've been behaving themselves
The drawing room was looking a little too white, so before going home i painted one wall red (or what will eventually be red, after many more layers)
Eckel's work space is looking so nice already
Allans second client of the day brought us a hyacinth... and the best flødeboller too
Sorry everything i post is shop related, but this is all there is to my life these days.
Seriously, i have a giant pile of laundry and some dead plants to prove it.


  1. haha I'm such a nerd, I got excited cos now I know what flodeboller is. And everyone in work loved it - you were right!

    Wish that was me on Eckel's couch, desperate for more Eckel work! Roll on London I say!x

  2. Vel ikke Ege-gon? Ege-gon er okay ikke?!?!
    Jeg synes det ser fint ud, og det gør da ingenting at væggen i tegneværelset er orange? Jeg synes den er fin!

  3. These had coffee filling, and marzipan too.
    So good!

    Tiny oak er en af dem der har set bedre tide, desværre... men jeg gemmer ham alligevel, håber stadig på at han bare er i vinder hi!

  4. red wall looks gooooood! two thumbs up!