Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March 2nd

I wanna be able to say that the hardest part is over, but i'm not sure that it is.
But we have moved.
The old shop is empty and the new shop is full.
We haven't slept much or eaten right in a long time, and i for one am starting to look a little rough.
Junkfood and stress is making my skin look terrible and to make matters worse my face collided with a heavy shelf yesterday, and i now have a giant, red bruise on my nose.
Not to mention all the other minor cuts and bruises...
But it's all worth it, someday soon we'll have the best studio* ever!

What i wear, or a variation of the same outfit anyway
What's in my kangaroo pocket at all times; screws and a pencil
What my office will look like, plus shadow me and Wookie in the background

More moving photos, but not as many as you'd expect from me, on the other blog.

*I have to stop calling it a "shop" cause it's just not a shop any more.


  1. Good job! I hope you'll get to rest and eat a little better soon.

    It just occurred to me... Not that I would put scissors in my pockets, but don't you find scissors so so useful in any situation? I seem to use them literally all the time no matter what I'm doing.

  2. Yay! I love the colors; the greens are very pretty together. I keep meaning to comment on all of these but I tend to read from my phone and it's not comment-friendly, but I also wanted to tell you how fancy and amazing your nail post was! On all three of you :)

    Ok gross. The captcha on this is "tranises". TRANISES? Seriously? That sounds like a real thing. A sick real thing.

  3. Love the outfit (construction collection!) and the moving-thing! :) It's so creative! :) You moved and I left behind 21 years old, moving to 22~:) yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy~

  4. I just can't wait to come and visit you! I'll bet it will be sooo fab! Good work!

  5. Ai, i do, normally, but these days i'm more of a screwdriver/masking tape/power drill kinda gal!

    Coralene, i have the same problem.
    Also, i haven't been keeping up with blogs and comments at all.
    But i'm happy you like the colors.
    Oh, and tranises, definitely wrong!

    Petite Exploratrice, congratulations!

    Sandra, we look forward to showing it to you, but give it a few weeks and we'll have a waiting room too!