Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Greens & yellows

Fie came by the shop to drop off a moving in present; the prettiest little yellow flower that now lives on my desk.
I bought some more flowers later as they are supposed to rid a place of any... negative presence, i guess we could call it?*
And also, since the weather isn't doing what it's supposed to, we have to create our own spring indoors.

The color of sunshine and yellow pants

*Anyone following me on Twitter knows about the possible (though not probable) ghost situation in our lovely new shop, and the exorcism that followed.
But i think we're good now.


  1. Soooo pretty flowers! I'm following you on Twitter, though what happened with...a ghost? :p Blog about it, it'll be interesting! :p

    Also I saw Avatar. Did you?

  2. i love ranuculus! flowers chase ghosts away? good to know.

  3. i hope it was a nice ghost, like casper or zachary binx :)

  4. I didn't see avatar yet, we're going tonight instead!

    Ranuculus! Good to know, i was wondering what the english word for them was.
    Yeah, fresh flowers is apparently a big no-no for ghosts.

  5. what an amazingly beautiful flower :) makes me really super happy!! Now that I finally have an Iphone I guess I should start using and following people on Twitter....I just need to figure out what the best iPhone twitter AP is.

  6. Congratulations!
    I recommend Twitteriffic, the free version, i love that app!

  7. Hi A chan (an A kun!)

    Nice to hear from you (comment on my blog) and but Mrs. Unfortuna will strike again and I will with high probability be in Thailand drenched in oil based mud with my Thai brothers. But lets keep in touch nevertheless.

    Puss & kram


  8. Beautiful flowers!
    I've just found your blog.
    Please check out my blog,too<3