Friday, February 12, 2010

Weekend... not that it makes any damn difference to me

Good news?
Both me and Corey seem to have gotten over the worst part of our colds from hell.
Bad news?
Everything else still fucking sucks.

But i'm trying to do more normal stuff, like cook and go outside and, on the rare occasions when my head isn't being a throbbing ball of pain, do some creative stuff too!
Like yesterday when i saw these earrings i made a few years back, and decided that i wanted to paint on wood again.

Pheasant earrings
Of course i had no wood lying around, so i ended up splitting a small cutting board in two... hey, whatever works, right?
Today we went to the new shop and on the way back Lucifer made a bunch of new friends on the lake, including a Great Dane

Corey and Sam are out shopping and i'd be totally jealous if it wasn't for the fact that it's freezing and i'd much rather be inside.
Also, i don't like shopping in Cph, so i'd be a horrible guide!


  1. Just stopped by to say Hi!

    What a great and interesting blog you have :)I couldn't stop reading it!

    I nipped over to your Etsy shop too. Do you think you will be adding more items soon? I have a wedding in March and I am looking for a little something to go with my vintage Liberty dress.

    Bye for now :)


  2. Hi yourself, thanks for finding me!

    I am planning on updating the etsy shop really soon, i hate when it's all empty.
    So i am working on it!

    Ps. I snuck over to check your blog as well, and i love it.
    And the etsy shop too!