Thursday, February 25, 2010

Swedish meatballs

Apparently it's gross food week on the Untitled Blog.
I swear i didn't plan it, it's just happening.

We finally made it to IKEA today and got almost everything we needed, without exceeding our budget.
We also got some very, very cheap Swedish lunch.

Kötbullar med mos

After IKEA we went home to pick up Lucifer and say goodbye to Sarah who was leaving for the airport.
In the short time we were home, before going to the shop, i put in a bid on a desk for my office.
I assumed someone was gonna outbid me in the last minute since i wasn't there for the last part of the auction, but i actually won.
More success!
It will probably take a while before they deliver it, but at least i have one now.

1950's Danish design, pretty much exactly what i wanted
And the back is nice too

Eckel came back from Germany early and helped us pack up some more of the old shop.
The closer we get to moving, the less stress i'm feeling about it.
We may not have a floor, but i really feel like it'll all be ok.


  1. Jeg kan lige se dig sidde og trone bag det bord dér, og styre drengene, nay verden, med hård hånd! Jeg bukker mig i støvet, det blir awesome!!

  2. congrats, such a pretty desk!x

  3. Årh, jeg er misundelig på det skrivebord. Virkelig godt købt!


  4. what an amazingly spiffy desk :) super congrats on winning. Glad your trip to IKEA was a good one, ours was a major FAIL!!

    IKEA makes this drawer insert for the bathroom which holds lipsticks and glosses in this plastic thingy with holes that fits everything perfectly. As a makeup artist it was very exciting to find these listed on the I went ot IKEA prepared to buy a dozen or more.....only to find that the lipgloss holes are too small to fit any lipgloss :( After talking to an employee, I found out that IKEA corporate (in Sweden) has been made aware of the problem (since almost all lipglosses will be too big for the holes) AND maybe in the future they will redesign the holes to fit normal size glosses....until then....well everyone is just SOL!!! BLAH!!!!! I totally adore IKEA...but that was a major fail

  5. Awesome desk! My kids are always asking to got to IKEA to eat! Jonny loves those stinkin' meatballs, but he doesn't care for the lingonberry sauce, which I actually do like. Counting down til the Queen Mary! Oh, have you ever seen the episode of Ghost Whisperer that took place on the Queen Mary? Don't know if you have any interest in that show, it was a fun episode.

  6. That's an amazing desk! Real vintage thing! IKEA meatballs...amazing! I love the IKEA food very much!

  7. What a snazzy desk! And IKEA food is never gross food :)

  8. That looks like a nice, expensive '50s Danish desk. Lucky you!!!

  9. Tanya, IKEA makes a lot of those dumb mistakes i think.
    Recently it was discovered that their "family" bath product series is full of dangerous chemicals.
    Not smart.

    Jennifer, i don't think i can watch that episode when i have to sleep on the Queen Mary once a year.
    I have an irrational fear of ghosts!

    Ai, i bought it online and got a pretty good deal i think.
    They're so expensive at flea markets and at least this way i get it delivered to our door.
    Today, actually!