Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Special olympics

Corey may pretend she came to Denmark to visit us, but the truth is that she came here to escape the Winter Olympics.
I don't blame her, sport are bad enough as it is, but if you combine them with medals, doping and hype they become unbearable.
But hey, at least the Canadian hosts can make cute mascots!

Seriously, you'd think the Olympics took place in Japan this year, right?
Sumi here wasn't on the group photo because he's already started on his new job of making my keys easier to find in my bag

Today i visited the shop.
I didn't stay long, but it was good to be out of the house.
A little weird too.
I know if haven't been off work long, but already i kind of felt like a guest in my own home.
And although it's looking better already, i'm still very self conscious about my facial expressions, or lack thereof.
But i hope i'll feel well enough to get back to work full time real soon.


  1. seriously... one of my friends left the downtown "secured" area yesterday at lunch, and when he came back they were convinced he had sharp objects and went through his coat with a flashlight and x-rayed his yogurt. the darn olympics havent even started yet!!

    so glad im not there... cute mascots or not...

  2. I LOVE THE SASQUATCH! i would buy the giant one but it's about $70 bucks...

  3. Oh, Amalie, I think we could do a little better than those, don't you think!? But it's true---that Sasquatch is so darn cute.

    Having to see Vancouver whenever I turn on TV is torturing me pretty bad.

    Hope you are feeling better each day!!!

  4. Haha, you're right of course, Japan always takes cute to a whole new level.
    But this is pretty good for Canadians, eh?

    Thanks and right back at ya!

  5. i wish i was in denmark escaping the olympics. vancouver is so stupid busy. at least there are tons of free concerts!

    hopefully see you guys in LA in a couple months!!