Thursday, February 18, 2010


I had to go to the post office on the walking street today and pick up some needles for Allan.
I absolutely loathe that place, and the weather was just horrible, alternating between rain trying to pass as snow, and hail trying to pass as snow.
I don't even know which is worse, ugh.
But the post office is conveniently located close to Edith and Ella, who were still having a 70% off sale, so that made the situation bearable.
I didn't go crazy, but i did find a nice pair of 40's style pinstriped trousers in xs.
And since i was in the neighborhood, i also popped by the cheap dvd store and picked up season 7 of Star Trek TNG.
The last episode on season 6 was part one of two, and even though we've started on Weeds, not seeing the conclusion is driving me crazy.

My new fancy pants, they need a little work cause the legs are super long and i'm a short person

I have felt like shopping lately, way more than usual.
I guess it's the result of looking like a freak and wearing nothing but PJ's 24-7 for weeks, so it's probably a good sign.
Aside from these pants i haven't acted on it much.
The other day i bought a dress on etsy and right now i'm bidding on a pair of black pants on ebay, so nothing too crazy.
I feel like even though we're still broke i deserve to do a little shopping now and then.


  1. Hvad synes i om Weeds?

    - Camilla

  2. ELSKER Weeds!
    Vi er lige startet på sæson 5 i går.

  3. Vi må altså snart i gang med mere Weeds herhjemme!!
    Og dernæst:
    1) når du siger 'billig dvd shop', hvilken en taler du så om?
    2) Jeg elsker nålestribede bukser!
    3) En pige fortjener at shoppe. Specielt når hun har været sløj!