Saturday, February 13, 2010


I am so unbelievably tired today.
Both me and Allan are, and we've decided to blame the sloth.
It just makes sense.

Spent a few hours working today, but it only seemed to remind me of how far behind i am with everything.
I barely scratched the surface.
I need to not think about that right now, but i feel so guilty for not taking better care of my shop.
Besides working i ate a lot of cake, which was nice at least!
I also sat around, dreaming of the day when i can put on pretty clothes and makeup and go out and have fun, and maybe laugh like a normal person again.
Fashion week is all over and is constantly rubbing my no-fun situation in my face.
Damn you, fashion week.

Man, i'm sorry this blog is turning into self-pity-fest 2010, but it'll be over soon, so bear with me for now.

I have no pictures today (seriously?!) cause i used those on the other blog, but i'll leave you with a link instead: Martin has a new blog and i suggest you check it out!

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