Thursday, February 25, 2010

Swedish meatballs

Apparently it's gross food week on the Untitled Blog.
I swear i didn't plan it, it's just happening.

We finally made it to IKEA today and got almost everything we needed, without exceeding our budget.
We also got some very, very cheap Swedish lunch.

Kötbullar med mos

After IKEA we went home to pick up Lucifer and say goodbye to Sarah who was leaving for the airport.
In the short time we were home, before going to the shop, i put in a bid on a desk for my office.
I assumed someone was gonna outbid me in the last minute since i wasn't there for the last part of the auction, but i actually won.
More success!
It will probably take a while before they deliver it, but at least i have one now.

1950's Danish design, pretty much exactly what i wanted
And the back is nice too

Eckel came back from Germany early and helped us pack up some more of the old shop.
The closer we get to moving, the less stress i'm feeling about it.
We may not have a floor, but i really feel like it'll all be ok.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Word(s) fail

I apologize for the lack of wordiness on the blog lately.
I am a fan of words, both reading and writing them, so they will eventually return, but these days i simply don't have the energy or time for them.

I spent most of the day packing the shop, but i did sneak off to have lunch with my Canadians at the Japanese tourist trap called Royal Café.

I caught Sarah looking all dreamy for a second... it is a pretty dreamy place
Oh yeah, it was smushi time!
And all three of us started taking pictures of our food (it was nice to not be the only one doing that for a change!)
Mini Pariser Bøf
Back at the shop i took one last (possibly? maybe?) self portrait
(Top: Uniqlo, Tank: Urban Outfitters, Jeans: Levis Organic, Boots: H&M)

This is what a home cooked meal looks like at my place this week

Pretty sad.

Tomorrow is Ikea day.
And maybe painting and cleaning some more at the new shop day as well.
My back hurts.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Days of paint

Sunday was spent at the new shop, painting walls, doors and pipes in toilets
Fun with animals, lesson 38: shadow puppets!
Monday night was spent at home, painting our nails, something we've talked (emailed each other) about doing for months i think!
Poor Allan, he had to listen to us, and inhale the fumes coming from my work table, all night
Corey's fancy toes
Sarah's disco nails
My mango ice cream nails, with chocolate sauce (and glitter)Corey's minty chocolate nails (with dots and sparkly stuff)
Fancy fingers all over!
I think we finished at 2 in the morning, we were so tired we could barely see our fingers anymore

Fun times!!

Today after work we were supposed to go to Ikea, but after a quick visit to the new shop we realized there was no place to put all the stuff we planned to buy.
So instead we went to see my grandfather.
I love spending time with him, but hate visiting cause his apartment smells like cigars.
It doesn't sound too bad, but the smell is so heavy that even if he doesn't smoke while you're there, the foul stench stays in your clothes and hair, and you have to change the second you get home.
In fact, i'm still nauseous from the visit and my jacket is hanging outside the window!
The worst part is that when he visits my parents in the country he can quit smoking for a whole week, and the improvements in his health are dramatic.
But he's as stubborn as a three year old, and it's no good to argue with him (believe me, i tried).
But despite the difficulties, it was good to see him.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Ok, awesome

I've been packing at the shop all day.
Mostly taking down frames and shelves and removing screws from the walls, crap like that.
Real packing starts tomorrow when i actually have boxes.
We're moving this weekend and something tells me it'll be a while before we get to relax again.

Anyway, i was taking a break and checking my Twitter and found something that put me in a good mood:

Me and Anne had been talking about seeing Valient Thorr, but i wasn't expecting them to join the (Danish) conversation!
I didn't even know they had an account.

But seriously, the Roskilde program is starting to look pretty good already, we need someone to hook us up again.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


From last night.
Trek and ice cream, a combo that will never fail.

Corey doesn't appreciate large amounts of chocolate bits in her ice cream
Allan likes to pretend he's not ridiculously excited about eating three different kinds of ice cream
Lucifer, that poor boy will eat anything, but this time he was only allowed to watch
I'm gonna put way more Cherry Garcia in my portion next time...

Today me, Allan, Corey and her friend Sara, who just arrived yesterday, went to a flea market.
On a sunday.
When we came home we mostly felt like taking a nap, but instead we changed into work clothes and went to the shop to paint.
It's looking good, but i'm still a little panicky about moving in (fuck! shit!) less than a week.
It'll go the way it goes and somehow we'll manage.
Pictures from the shop tomorrow, now it's time for Weeds!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

DIY oak

I totally forgot to blog yesterday because i was too busy making hats.
A pretty good excuse if you ask me.
I also cleaned the apartment and watched Star Trek, but those somehow seem like less valid excuses.
Anyway, as i may have told you before, i'm working on a collection of 6 or 7 hats with the same theme.
It's something i have never tried before, but i think it's going pretty well.
I finished all the bases last week and now comes the fun/difficult part of actually designing the hats.
Last night i finished one, all it needs is some super glue, and started another.
My fingers and nails are completely ruined today from all the hand sewing, metal twisting and gluing of stuff, but in a good way.

Sometimes you have to make your own oak leaves
Before it was done, i don't wanna reveal the finished result until i've made a few more

Allan just went to the new shop to clean and paint and i'll be joining him shortly.
I'm already wearing my camouflage overalls and that can only mean that it's time to get dirty.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dark arts

Speaking of shopping (i just was, scroll down and you'll see), this is what i'd buy if i had lots of money and somewhere fancy to go.

So lovely
(Click here to visit shop)


I had to go to the post office on the walking street today and pick up some needles for Allan.
I absolutely loathe that place, and the weather was just horrible, alternating between rain trying to pass as snow, and hail trying to pass as snow.
I don't even know which is worse, ugh.
But the post office is conveniently located close to Edith and Ella, who were still having a 70% off sale, so that made the situation bearable.
I didn't go crazy, but i did find a nice pair of 40's style pinstriped trousers in xs.
And since i was in the neighborhood, i also popped by the cheap dvd store and picked up season 7 of Star Trek TNG.
The last episode on season 6 was part one of two, and even though we've started on Weeds, not seeing the conclusion is driving me crazy.

My new fancy pants, they need a little work cause the legs are super long and i'm a short person

I have felt like shopping lately, way more than usual.
I guess it's the result of looking like a freak and wearing nothing but PJ's 24-7 for weeks, so it's probably a good sign.
Aside from these pants i haven't acted on it much.
The other day i bought a dress on etsy and right now i'm bidding on a pair of black pants on ebay, so nothing too crazy.
I feel like even though we're still broke i deserve to do a little shopping now and then.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Late to the party

It seemed that for a while everyone with a blog also had a formspring account.
I didn't make one, cause i figured, hey, if someone wants to ask me something, they'll probably just leave me a comment here.
But now i've sort of changed my mind.

See, a while back i got tagged to post 10 random tings about myself.
That's harder than you think, man, especially if it is to be even remotely interesting to read.
And then, to make matters worse, i got tagged again to post 7 things about myself.
And i hadn't even gotten started on the first 10.

But then i got the idea to outsource this particular job, get someone to do the hard part for me!
Clever, eh?
Or not, this may prove to be a really dumb idea and i have no idea if anyone is even interested in asking me anything, but if i manage to get 17 questions that aren't super lame or offensive, i'll post them here.
And i promise not to tag anyone when i'm done!

So go ahead blog buddies, ask me something!

If anyone were to ask something like "have you ever dressed up in a crazy outfit and even crazier makeup and done a photo session on the 6th floor of a Japanese apartment building in the middle of the night" the answer would be "yes, yes i have"

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Me and Lucifer took a longer afternoon walk in the snow than usual, and somehow we ended up at the Black Cheese.
Lucky for us, someone was home.
We didn't stay too long though, i was hungry and Martin had no food (and no Marv, Mentos ain't food) and Lucifer was getting cold.

Martin was working on some sweet beats with a friend, and Blaine was there too
On the way home i stopped at a thrift store for some cheap vintage lace for hats
I also stopped at an antique shop where i found this glorious, old Inu Hariko piggy bank, and for once i haggled over the price with the owner and got myself a discount... i never do that cause i'm way too polite, but i tell you, it made me feel like a total badass!

And i did also get some hat making done.
Haven't eaten candy or put on pants yet.

Good morning

This has got to be the best movie title since "Snakes on a Plane"!
And John Cusack is in it?
Oh, i'm there!

Today i overslept and didn't get to see Corey off to Sweden.
I'm gonna miss her even if it's just for a few days.
When she comes back i'm gonna make sure to get some photographic evidence of her presence here, so you'll believe that she is in fact visiting!

I don't plan on going to work today.
Not just yet.
My only plan for today is to make hats, not wear pants and NOT eat candy!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Me, me, me, me and also, me

It would appear that i haven't been featured here, on my own blog, i almost a week.
Which is good, since i have not felt like having my picture taken in a long time.
But yesterday, and today, i decided to ease back into it with a few blurry iPhone shots.

Good old QuadCam
Hipstamatic, my newest camera app, has a terrible name, but is fun to play with (i still look rough, i know)
Another Hipstamatic shot

I went to the hospital for a checkup today, and i think it went pretty well.
Tests came back ok and the scar is, according to Allan, looking minimal.
I have another checkup in a little over three weeks, and hopefully by that time i'll be back to pain-free eating and normal facial expressions.
*Giving myself hi-five*

Also in the news, my friend Blaine from LA is in town and dropped by last night.
He just arrived on friday and i hadn't seen him, and it just felt so random to have a friend from that far away drop by for a quick sunday night visit.
I seem to be getting more international visitors than Danish ones these days.
Or any day.
Danes are just so damn socially awkward.
Unless there's beer involved, of course.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

These are the voyages

I almost always have so many tattoos already planned in my head, that i never know what the next one is gonna be.
It's a blessing and a curse.
Right now i have one thigh to finish, and i have an appointment to start the other one in March with this nice Japanese dude who tattoos my husband, so i have more than enough projects going on.
Or so you'd think, but there's always something else.
Like this silly spot i have on my left arm that i'd like filled, and the much bigger, less silly spot on my right arm that i wanna get started on.
And then there are the feet and the back and... well, let's just say even though i don't feel like i necessarily have to cover my entire body, i probably won't run out of space or ideas any time soon either.

But i have this one small-ish tattoo that i want to get done as soon as i start to feel better.
Before i explain what or why, i better explain my view on tattoos.
Or my view on my tattoos.
Or one of them cause i obviously have about a million opinions on this topic!
But anyway, for me tattoos mostly just have to be very pretty, maybe a little fun, unique if possible and well made.
If they happen to have some meaning, which almost all of mine just happen to have, well, that's a nice bonus.
But tattoos, most of all, have to represent feeling awesome.
See, i get tattooed when i feel great, both physically and mentally, not when i'm feeling sick or depressed.
So i guess the main reason i'm so excited about getting the next one, is because getting that tattoo will mean i've made it to the other side.
The side where there's no pain and uncertainty and weakness and decease.
And i so desperately wanna be on that side.

So, hopefully the next small-ish, silly tattoo will be this: the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D

To some that may seem stupid.*
I have many tattoos that others think are stupid and i'm very much ok with that.
But i'm really serious about this.
I've always loved Star trek TNG, and sci-fi in general, and watching this show always makes me feel better.
When i'm sick in particular, watching Star Trek relaxes me, makes me feel less anxious.
So this past month or so, Star Trek marathons has basically helped me stay sane and for that reason alone it's obvious to me that it deserves a spot on my leg somewhere!
It's either that or a portrait of the bald eagle himself, but that might be overdoing it?


*At least i know Corey won't since she's already rockin' a Trek tattoo!

Saturday, February 13, 2010


I am so unbelievably tired today.
Both me and Allan are, and we've decided to blame the sloth.
It just makes sense.

Spent a few hours working today, but it only seemed to remind me of how far behind i am with everything.
I barely scratched the surface.
I need to not think about that right now, but i feel so guilty for not taking better care of my shop.
Besides working i ate a lot of cake, which was nice at least!
I also sat around, dreaming of the day when i can put on pretty clothes and makeup and go out and have fun, and maybe laugh like a normal person again.
Fashion week is all over and is constantly rubbing my no-fun situation in my face.
Damn you, fashion week.

Man, i'm sorry this blog is turning into self-pity-fest 2010, but it'll be over soon, so bear with me for now.

I have no pictures today (seriously?!) cause i used those on the other blog, but i'll leave you with a link instead: Martin has a new blog and i suggest you check it out!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Weekend... not that it makes any damn difference to me

Good news?
Both me and Corey seem to have gotten over the worst part of our colds from hell.
Bad news?
Everything else still fucking sucks.

But i'm trying to do more normal stuff, like cook and go outside and, on the rare occasions when my head isn't being a throbbing ball of pain, do some creative stuff too!
Like yesterday when i saw these earrings i made a few years back, and decided that i wanted to paint on wood again.

Pheasant earrings
Of course i had no wood lying around, so i ended up splitting a small cutting board in two... hey, whatever works, right?
Today we went to the new shop and on the way back Lucifer made a bunch of new friends on the lake, including a Great Dane

Corey and Sam are out shopping and i'd be totally jealous if it wasn't for the fact that it's freezing and i'd much rather be inside.
Also, i don't like shopping in Cph, so i'd be a horrible guide!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hotel Richmond

Now that's a bitchin' logo if i ever saw one!
I've been meaning to take a picture of this for a long time (Tobias happens to be my brother's name)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Special olympics

Corey may pretend she came to Denmark to visit us, but the truth is that she came here to escape the Winter Olympics.
I don't blame her, sport are bad enough as it is, but if you combine them with medals, doping and hype they become unbearable.
But hey, at least the Canadian hosts can make cute mascots!

Seriously, you'd think the Olympics took place in Japan this year, right?
Sumi here wasn't on the group photo because he's already started on his new job of making my keys easier to find in my bag

Today i visited the shop.
I didn't stay long, but it was good to be out of the house.
A little weird too.
I know if haven't been off work long, but already i kind of felt like a guest in my own home.
And although it's looking better already, i'm still very self conscious about my facial expressions, or lack thereof.
But i hope i'll feel well enough to get back to work full time real soon.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cautiously optimistic

No big "whoopteedoo-i'm-home!" post this time around.
Nope, i'm gonna jinx myself.
But i am home, i have been for a couple of days and i'm very happy to be here.

I took a cab home on sunday.
I was alone, except for an uninvited co-passenger: a nasty-ass cold.
It's seriously the worst i've had in years and it's timing couldn't really have been worse.
Corey came late sunday night, and i'm afraid i haven't been the most entertaining host ever.
Or even a decent one.
The most exciting place i've taken her so far is the pharmacy.
I'm lucky she's a huge Star Trek nerd too, and has a similar cold, or this visit would already be a complete disaster!

The colds seems better today, not much, but there's definitely less sneezing and coughing going on.
As for me and the rest of my situation... it's still very uncomfortable.
But my head is less giant, eating is getting much less painful and the parts of my face that were completely paralyzed seem to be slowly getting back some feeling, and i am so fucking grateful for that.

Obviously i haven't taken many pictures recently, but here's a few from the last couple of days.

Delicious 80's food
Saturday night Allan took Lucifer to the hospital and the three of us went for a walk before bed time. It had snowed a lot and the mood was kinda magical, or maybe it just felt like that because i missed them both so much?
A sketch i started in the hospital, cats make everyone feel better right?
Allan washed my hair this morning, and that made me look and feel almost human (but no, smiling is not an option)

I'm taking one more day of complete rest and then tomorrow, if i feel ok, i think i'm gonna pop by the shop for a quick visit.
I miss my second home.