Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday randomness

Saturday night we stayed up really late to finish not one, but three different tv shows.
First up was season 4 of Dexter (sad ending, don't you agree?), next was season 2 of Star Trek NG (Riker has flashbacks from previous episodes, so very lame) and last came season 2 of The Wire (i seriously LOVE Omar).
So, of course we had to sleep kinda late too, and didn't make it to the fleamarket as we'd planned.
But i did get a few other things done.

I made a skirt from some very cute fabric Alice sent me.
I'm so out of sewing practice, but it turned out.. wearable i think.
I wasn't sure about the brown velvet trim, but it matches the tiny little brown dots in the fabric. You know, the ones you can't see in the picture.

My outfit photos are always so bad i should get an award or something... when Allan takes them there's always a dog in the way, and when i do it they're all dark, or i'm missing my feet... or i drop and break my camera

I cleaned the bathroom and threw out a lot of old products from before i went 100% organic.
I still have some make up i need to replace, but if i do it all at once, it'll be too expensive.
Good thing i don't wear much anyway.
I planted some hyacinths too, they're natures own air freshener, you know!

If you're wondering about the chopstick, it's because one of them decided to grow sideways
Dinner: broccoli and tomatoes with two kinds of cheese, cauliflower salad from yesterday, carrot sticks and "i-can't-believe-it's-not-schnitzel"

You know what a really healthy dinner means right?
It means you get to have ice cream for dessert.
Lots of ice cream.

Hope you all had a nice sunday too!


  1. mmm, I love "i-can't-believe-it's-not-schnitzel" :) Yay for veggie alternatives!

  2. that dinner looks so delicious!

  3. is that the pale blue fabric?
    the skirt is super cute!

  4. hey! so I stumbled upon your blog this weekend while I was preparing for a tattoo convention. Found you post on russian nesting doll tattoos.. had a few different pieces combined for inspiration and tahdah! - i now have a fresh looking lady on my arm. i'm now totally enthralled with your blog.. and i just wanted to share my excitement with you that your blog had a little contribution in! hooray!

  5. yes its so sad :( i thought everything was gonna be perfect and then that happened! Damn you John Lithgow!x

  6. Så fin du er på billedet!!
    Og jeg er totalt nede med byg-din-egen-hyacint-holder. Hvorfor blir de altid så tunge, at de ikke kan holde deres egen vægt? Ikke smart af evolutionen, men dayyym they do smell nice!

  7. Monster Girl + Alex - My meat loving husband would disagree, but until he learns how to cook, i'm the boss!

    Alice - yes, that's it.
    It doesn't look great on the inside cause i still don't have a serger, but the fabric is so cute!

    Vanessa - So glad i could help!

    Sam - i had a feeling something like that would happen, everyone has been hinting at something game changing.
    But yes, damn that John Lithgow!

    Helle - Hyacinther, godt de er så pæne for kloge er de sgu ikke!

  8. I just started watching Dexter Season 4... I can't wait to see what this buzz is about. So far, John Lithgow is so creepy and SO naked!