Monday, January 18, 2010


I attempted to go shopping today.
And i failed.
Came home with a bunch of groceries, but that's it.
I hate shopping in Copenhagen and i should really just stop trying, even if there is a sale.
These shoes were sold out in my size and that just pissed me off.

When i came home i went straight to work.
I fixed some things around my work space, cut some fabric for bases and glued/painted a bunch of stuff.
The room kinda smells now.
But at least i'll be ready and prepared for some serious hat making this week.
Boy, have i got some crazy ideas for these next ones.

Anyway, i also finished a project i started ages ago.
It was a knitting project and it took this long because... well, because i suck at knitting.
As i wrote then, the choice was between an ugly ass headband or a really thin scarf.
I went for the headband.
A while back i got a couple of fox heads from a client, she does leather work and had a couple lying around and thought i might be able to use them, and i decided that one of them would look good on a headband.
Or crazy, i haven't decided yet.
I don't usually use fur, but i can't say no to pretty leftovers, now can i?
No, i cannot.

With that big head (the fox's, not mine) covering most of the headband, you almost can't tell how bad the knitting is. Win!
I've sewn in some felt around the ears on the inside, so it should be warm, but i guess we'll see tomorrow!
On saturday we dropped by the shop to say hi to Eckel and the lakes were full of people ice skating and having fun
Lucifer didn't fall this time

It's still so friggin cold here, and it doesn't seem to be ending any time soon.


  1. Har du selv farvet ræven? Ellers må det da næsten være skæbnen, at de matcher hinanden så godt i farven!

  2. Jeg fik rævene først og så købte jeg noget matchende garn bagefter.
    Jeg har også en blå og en rød vist nok!

  3. when i am there we will attempt to shop... but maybe we'll make an obsure list to try and find....