Saturday, January 30, 2010

Oh Henry

I can't even describe how awful the weather was last night.
It stormed, snowed and was just generally fucking horrible.
And of course that's on the one friday night in a trillion years where we have to be somewhere.

We went to Amager to see Henry Rollins talk for over three hours and it was a joy.
The guys kept saying that he was better last time he was here, but i wasn't there that time, so i just decided they're not right about that.

Awesome poster, we bought a signed copy for the new shop

It's hard to say which part you like the best when someone has just talked at you for three hours nonstop, but he did have this one bit about how resorting to cynicism and sarcasm is taking the easy way out, and how innocence and being curious and naïve is just, well, better, and that really struck a nerve with me.
Lately i've been thinking about how we Danes, or people from Copenhagen in particular, are never really honest about anything and it bugs me a lot.
Everyone uses sarcasm in every other sentence and that way we never really get to know anyone, which means no one can hurt you.
Smart, but safe.
And after a while, pretty annoying too.

You can see it in the way people dress in particular, the fashion here, it's so fucking ironic it sometimes make me sick.
Ironic glasses, ironic 80's shoulder pads, ironic 90's mom jeans and jumpsuits, oh-so ironic tattoos and stupid fucking ironic haircuts.
Not even fine art is serious here.

We Scandinavians are supposed to be so fearless and groundbreaking when it comes to street fashion and trends, but the truth is that we're just cowards.
All the hipsters here look the same, you can only be as unique and as different as the next person, and they all wear clothes they can hide behind, so in case someone should ask them why they're wearing hideous day-glo harem pants, they can always use irony as a shield against potential insults.
It's just too easy.

On a more personal note, i think this might be one of the reasons i'm probably never gonna find a nice shop in this town that'll sell the stuff i make.
My work is too honest.
I make pieces i think are genuinely fun and pretty and sometimes even magical, not things you can pretend you didn't really mean when someone as insecure as you decides to make your head the joke of the party.
As often before, i'm forced to conclude that i was never really meant to be here, in this town.
But whatever, this is home, for better or worse, right?

As if the weather thing wasn't bad enough, we had to take the stupid metro... i hate the metro

We were supposed to go to Martins record release after the show, but since Henry talked for so fucking long, it was over when we were finally out of there.
I hope it went well, that lots of people are gonna buy this record and that they'll have many long and happy nights dancing to it's beats.

Ps. This hat finally arrived in Australia, and it's new owner is very happy with it.
Reaching the end of a long process, and knowing it turned out the way the buyer hoped, always makes me feel great.


  1. i totally agree! I feel as though people want to just fit into a certain part of society or subculture - whether it's the hipsters, the business suits, or hip hop, etc... people want to be able to identify which group you belong to easily, or identify themselves as part of a group. If you deviate from that group at all you're more likely subject to questions & judgment - so it's easier to fit into the group instead of allowing yourself to be vulnerable.

  2. Uh gad godt at have været med ude og høre mr Rollins! Og han er da right on med sit 'knowledge without mileage equals bullshit'. Like!

    Jeg er en af dem, der helt uden at prøve, bliver peget på i forsamlinger. Og jeg har ikke engang en af dine smukke hatte (endnu). What does that make me?

  3. OMG I love love love Henry Rollins....I would totally leave my man for just one night with Henry :) LOL he is sooooo my free pass guy! Was it just amazing or what? is he even hotter in real life? GAH I sooooo wish I could have seen him. He has done several shows in my general area but each and every time something has happend and prevent me from going :( Maybe next time....there is always a next time!!

  4. TAK fordi du siger fra over for hipster-ironien! Det er nemlig ikke andet end lemmingmentalitet og usikkerhed. It needed to be done.

    Hvis det så bare var unge, så var de undskyldt - for hvem er sikker på noget som helst før 25? Men det er jo folk helt op i fyrrerne med deres åndssvage kæmpebriller....

  5. Oh no, the tattoos! I have cat whiskers and a cleft lip with a gold tooth, but they are not ironic. It is a serious cleft lip.

    I don't know how shops are there, but I think starting your Etsy store was your best first step for sure. You just keep making those beautiful hats!

    I just had a funny image of someone in thick-rimmed glasses, huge shoulder pads and mom jeans wearing one of your hats. Haha... I hope to see a picture of this some day :)

  6. Hey,for how much do you usually sell these artpieces?
    Take care

  7. How can 80's shoulder pads possibly be ironic. Is it a deal where they say Isn't it ironic that it's 2010 and I'm wearing 30 year outdated fashion accessories. Wouldn't that make their clothes a lame joke, and aren't people that wear funny clothes better really just clowns?

    It must be tough being a martyr to honesty.