Thursday, January 21, 2010

Life on the Enterprise, i mean, Vesterbro

You know what really sucks?
Insomnia does.
It doesn't come to visit me often, but when it does... dayum.
I lay awake till at least 5 in the morning, and i can barely form a sentence today.

Yesterday i got my bangs cut.*
I wanted to tell my hairdresser to make me look Romulan, but i don't think she would have gotten the reference.
So i just said "really fucking short, please" and when she was done i said "shorter".
I ended up with kind of a reverse Romulan cut and i like it.
It's crazier than usual, and since i can't dye my hair in fun colors or cut it all of, crazy bangs will have to do.
And the shorter i cut it, the longer i can go without needing a new appointment.

This morning (thank you iPhone apps for making my skin appear slightly less terrible than it really is)
And last night
(Cardigan: Lowry's Farm, Tee: Urban Outfitters, Skirt: Vintage: Boots: H&M, Legwarmers: probably from Japan)

I look crap in pictures these days.
Or in general.
Getting older sucks and being as pale as a corpse sucks too.
I'm complaining a lot today, aren't i?

Today at the park, the sun was shining and that's a good thing.
People were sledding and having a good time.
Lucifer found a friend to play with and this other dog, a cute dachshund, kept running in front of kids who were mini snowboarding.
It was fun.

Hello sunshine

Oh, and we're not going to Milan.
Some of you know why, the rest probably will eventually, but for now i'm keeping the details private.

*Smooth transition, huh?
Bear with me, i told you i haven't slept.


  1. Hey mayn, go lige easy on Malle, hun er min ven you know?! You best not be talking shit about her!

  2. Tak Helle, men hvem snakker vi til?

  3. Hello sunshine!
    jag tænkte ta mig en tripp køpenhamn i vår, vore underbart om du kunde gøra ett inlægg om den fina Staden. Vad får man inte missa, o vilka ær de bra butikerna som man skall gå till? O vilket Cafe får man inte missa? Så klart kommer jag innom Tatueringsstudion o sæger hej.

    Skall gøra en stor backpiece nu i mars hær i Oslo =)


  4. Vi snakker til forfatteren af indlægget :D

  5. Hmm, hende kender jeg vist ikke Helle!

    Nina, selvom jeg er vokset op i København føler jeg nogle gang at jeg slet ikke kender byen.
    Måske fordi jeg altid er i butikken!
    Men jeg vil meget gerne prøve at lave et indlæg med nogle tips til dig.
    Indtil da kan du bruge det label der hedder "copenhagen", der er også lidt anbefalinger dér!

    Held og lykke med dit backpiece, jeg ville ønske det var mig!

  6. Så må jeg jo blive ved med at prøve at banke fornuft ind i knolden på hende! He he!

  7. Good bangs! So fierce.

    Best of luck to you, Amalie.

  8. Hey Amalie,I really know how do you feel now,after Mondays night,when I woke up in the middle of the night and thought that I´ve heard somethin a seen somethin strange I cant fall asleep..I hate these days. So you have my support..
    Btw. cute haircut


  9. Life on the Vesterprise! Haha or Enterbro. Enterbro sounds like a dude club that would be on Jersey Shore though.

    Your bangs are CUTE cute, and I love your boots. Are they ropers?

  10. Vesterprise is great, i suddenly like my neighborhood a lot more!
    The boots are vagabond, maybe a danish brand?
    I just noticed that the soles have little snowflakes on them!