Friday, January 8, 2010


Why the hell don't i have a sled??
Answer: because i am a grown woman with no children, and it hasn't been this cold in decades.
But still!

It just looks real fun, you know?
After a long and dull week at the office, Lucifer was happy to be reunited with his favorite park

It's supposed to get crazy cold this weekend.
Good thing we have season two of Star Trek NG and Dexter to keep us busy.


  1. I know this park!

    I love sledding. It's not just for children. You should get one.

  2. It's pretty damn cold here in Oulu, Northern Finland, too! -23 C this morning but it feels almost warm after yesterday's -30...

    I found your blog by accident and just wanted to say that I really like the way you write. You just got another regular visitor. :oD

  3. you can use a strong bag for garbage, and a pillow inside. if you need more action, take a bottle rum with .. haha !

  4. you don't need children to have a sled!

    but yay for dexter. i cant wait for season 5 to start!x

  5. oh boy. snow. i havent had any of that yet this season... /sigh

    i am still watching season 1 of dexter. shame on me..

  6. Thanks for reading Hanna, and thanks for putting the cold here into perspective.
    It's sold, but at least it's not -30!

    Corey, maybe it'll still be here when you come over?