Sunday, January 3, 2010

Frozen city

These past few days have been amazing.
Just amazing.
We haven't worked at all and it wasn't until today that i realized, that this is the closest thing we've had to a real vacation in years.
I sat at the dining room table and looked at old pictures, and then i all of a sudden remembered a time when life was a lot simpler and a lot less busy.
A time when we used to do nothing, a lot.
Life is good now too, don't get me wrong, i'd just forgotten how different it used to be.

We've been watching a lot of Star Trek NG (i got the first season on DVD for christmas), we've been playing xbox, we've snuggled on the couch, slept late, read interior design books together and we finally watched The Cove, a movie i can't recommend enough.
Once in a while a movie comes along that's just too important to miss, and this is one of those.

Today we slept until 1.30 and went for a long walk with Lucifer who, i suspect, was getting cabin fever.

The lakes are finally frozen, but in my opinion not safe to walk on yet... as you can see, not everyone shares that opinion
New years trash
Some older citizens were feeding what seemed like every duck in Copenhagen
It was fucking cold, but lovely too

If you're wondering (and i know you're not) if i got a new camera, the answer is yes!
Allan gave me the Canon Powershot S90, the one we'd been drooling over in Japan, for christmas, even though i obviously didn't need another camera.
He's crazy and i love it!
It's so much lighter than the G9, and much better than my old Powershot, that has now become Allans new tourist camera.
We may have too many cameras, but at least we use all of them.

With this one i think i might actually have to read the manual, though.
There's nothing i hate more than reading manuals, but i wanna get the most out of this camera, so i think i have to.


  1. Star Trek NG is my favourite, much to my husbands Kirk loving annoyance! Copenhagen looks like such a lovely city. I have never been, but when we come back to Europe this or next year I think I'll have to insist on a trip.

    It is so cold here too. I am just not used to it either, with my warm blood English heritage! Although the snow is pretty, if annoying to plough every day!

  2. Puha, det ligner altså en film man bliver trist af at se. Sådan er det med mange vigtige ting.
    Yay for nyt kamera, Canon buddy!!

  3. Ooh, I think would always be too scared to walk on ice, even it was very thick. Ah!

    I love the duck picture. Especially since, aside from the swan's face, it looks like you manually erased him from the picture, haha. He's just this perfect little white outline.

    And congratulations on your camera! That's so exciting. I'm getting a new camera either this month or next but I'm not sure where to start really, although Ai gave me some good pointers. I can't wait to see more fancy new camera pictures!

    Oh, and it's funny that Allan has a "tourist camera" :)

  4. Jeg sad netop og tænkte, at især andebilledet var knivskarpt i farverne, og at du måtte have brugt et rigtig godt kamera! :)

  5. Duck soup!

    Tillykke med nyt legetøj.

  6. The frozen lake looks amazing. I'd be too scared to walk on there though.

    oof @ the swan trying to get some food too. I hate swans. They're evil!

  7. Fantastisk julegave i form af et Canon Powershot. Og fint med frosne søer og massivt angreb af ænder.

  8. Is this the camera you were talking about when we had lunch? I have to look into that. It looks mighty cute.

  9. Alex: Kirk's alright, but nothing beats Picard in my opinion.
    If you do visit Copenhagen, make sure it's in the spring or summer, it's just too depressing this time of year!

    Helle: ikke så trist som man kunne frygte... altså, jo, men også oplysende og mega spændende!

    Coralene: do whatever Ai tells you, she's the boss when it comes to cameras!
    And i actually think the ice is safe now, but i'm not taking any chances either.

    Anne: Ha! Det var da godt at der var nogen der kunne se det. Nu skal jeg bare have læst den manual...

    Fie: Quak og tak!

    Betty: i like swans... from afar and when they're not attacking each other or me!
    Pretty, but probably evil.

    Linda: Ja, jeg klager heller ikke, det er altid sjovt med nye gadgets!

    Ai: yes, our friend from the states had one in Japan.
    Allan bought it there too, but didn't tell me.
    Sneaky devil.