Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Family day

Today was "bring-your-kid-to-your-tattoo-session" day at the shop.
It was also sew and listen to Elvis day.
It was a lot of days, actually.

Franny and baby Viola, who's about 4 months old and a very serious little lady
Viola's bunny
I did some hat making after i was done working... say, is that another bunny?
I believe it is!
Today i wore a vintage dress i bought for 100 Yen in Japan years ago, but never wear (until today, that is)

Franny got an Elvis portrait and after she was done Viola's dad took over and got started on his "tribute to the Java Devil" piece.
Family day for reals!
Franny baked us a bread yesterday and we've been eating it for dinner two days in a row now.

Tomorrow i'm having a little family day of my own.
I'm gonna go visit my grandfather for the first time in weeks (the guilt!) and possibly see my parents too when they're coming to town.


  1. cute outfit! i actually have that same butterfly belt! i found it in a vintage store her in seattle a while ago! what are the odds? : )

  2. Jeg GLÆDER mig til at se dine nye hatte projekter!!

  3. Os' mig!
    PS: Lækre støvler og kilometerlange ben i det outfit.

  4. Okay, hvor mange babyer ved navn Viola kender du egentlig? Hende her er også nuttet :-)